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Press Releases - 2011

Press releases from Argus are listed below.

Argus experts are often available to speak to accredited media organisations on energy related issues.

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22 November 2011
CME Group launches Argus US biodiesel swap futures contract

22 November 2011
Argus launches ICI-5 (3,400 GAR) coal assessment 

6 October 2011
Canadian crude oil trades on Argus WCS Index 

6 October 2011
Argus launches new CASPR Allowance Indexes

6 October 2011
Argus launches California Carbon Allowance Index

3 October 2011
Argus launches new LNG price assessments

26 September 2011
Argus launches jet fuel cif Med prices

14 September 2011
Argus launches Baltic wood pellet price index

6 September 2011
CME to launch API 6 coal swaps futures

6 September 2011
Argus launches south China coal forward curve

22 August 2011
TNK-BP uses Argus assessments to price ESPO crude

17 August 2011
CME launches Argus coking coal swap futures

4 August 2011
Argus launches Turkish electricity market coverage

15 July 2011
Argus launches US coal export assessments

13 July 2011
First Argus RED biodiesel swap trades

12 July 2011
Argus supports independent assessments for growing Chinese coal market

9June 2011
Argus buys FMB, expands into fertilisers and chemicals

6 June 2011
Argus launches northeast Asian and Indian Group 3 base oils price assessments

25 May 2011
Argus win-win award goes to Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway and Archer Daniels Midland

19 April 2011
ASCI futures contract records first transaction

17 April 2011
Argus equals record in leading UK company league table

15 March 2011
Argus launches Mideast Gulf and Indian Ocean oil products pricing service

16 February 2011
Argus responds to European Commission consultation on MiFID review

27 January 2011
Denny Houston joins Argus board

14 January 2011
Argus is first to launch US Group 3 base oils prices

5 January 2011
Argus launches emission reduction assessments for Europe

5 January 2011
Argus launches North American wood chip price assessments