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2013 Press releases from Argus are listed below.

Argus experts are often available to speak to accredited media organisations on energy, fertilizer, petrochemicals, metals or related issues.

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19 December 2013
Trading to use Argus US standard-heat coal index

6 December 2013
API 8 coal swaps hit monthly high in November

3 December 2013
Argus launches new Russian MTBE report

11 November 2013
Argus launches Turkish-language energy market report 

6 November 2013
Argus launches Argus Direct Alerts as part of online service

5 November 2013
Argus launches Chinese-language steel feedstocks report

15 October 2013
Argus and IHS McCloskey Launch New API 3 Coal Index

11 October 2013
Argus successfully completes independent assurance review recommended by Iosco 

7 October 2013
Argus launches first index for Australia’s east coast natural gas market

18 September 2013
Danger to European energy market transparency from EU benchmark proposal

17 July 2013
Argus welcomes ‘specific application’ of Iosco Principles for PRAs

12 July 2013
Argus launches European Group II base oils price assessments

10 July 2013
Argus introduces anode-grade petroleum coke assessments

8 July 2013
Argus placed higher in prestigious UK exporter league

5 July 2013
Argus receives gold award for its North American fertilizer service

3 July 2013
Argus launches premium content delivery platform Argus Direct

25 June 2013
Argus launches crude oil forward curves service

25 June 2013
Argus DeWitt launches enhanced global toluene and xylenes market coverage

31 May 2013
Argus acquires Jim Jordan & Associates LP, expands presence in the global petrochemicals market

30 May 2013
Argus honors RJ Corman, Rosebud Mining with prestigious Win-Win Award

30 May 2013
Neil Bradford joins Argus Media board

21 May 2013
Argus/IHS McCloskey launch new API 10 coal assessment for Colombia

13 May 2013
Argus introduces global iron ore price assessments

2 May 2013
Argus adds ethanol assessment in response to India’s higher blending mandate

2 April 2013
Argus adds new ethanol assessments as Asian blending demand grows

27 March 2013
Argus/IHS McCloskey’s API 8 to be listed by SGX for clearing in Asia

8 March 2013
Russia confirms Argus as sole supplier of indexes for oil export duties 

8 February 2013
First Australian spot coal deal done against Argus-IHS API 5 index 

7 February 2013
Low calorific value coal demand increases, Argus study reveals

18 January 2013

Asian coal market develops with Australian (API 5) over-the-counter coal swap

14 January 2013
Argus acquires FCC, boosting fertilizer consulting business

9 January 2013
Argus launches North American electricity and natural gas implied volatility curves

7 January 2013
Argus acquires TABrewer Consulting, expands presence in petrochemical consulting

7 January 2013
Argus launches marine fuels service