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Argus West Africa Oil

The Argus report for Africa


The west African crude and products industry has long suffered from a lack of transparency into prices for locally produced crude oil and refined products imported to the region. Clarity is needed for the oil and products that are produced and traded in the region, in order for west Africa to continue its impressive growth.

Argus West Africa Oil is a service that delivers daily pricing for west African crude oil and imported products. The publication is the first service that delivers pricing information covering west African energy markets and it benefits from Argus’ rigorous editorial code of conduct, compliance and market reputation.

The service includes pricing for a range of 27 crude oil grades from Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon and Gabon. These prices help market participants value crude grades that they are currently marketing in an information vacuum.

Product importers benefit from a new comparison price against which to monitor their imports of gasoline, diesel and heating oil.

This daily service is supplemented every Friday with a round-up of developments in the west African crude oil and products markets, in addition to a summary of the week’s African energy news.

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