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Fertilizer Team

Aida Idrissi

Aida Idrissi, Phosphates

Aida started her career at Goldman Sachs in structured interest rates derivative sales, before moving into the fertilizer industry. Prior to joining Argus in 2014, she worked with OCP in strategy and market intelligence roles, contributing to strategic projects in the phosphate sector.

Aida was educated at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees in Paris, where she gained a master’s degree in engineering.

Adrian Stubbs, Potash and micronutrients

Adrian has spent 27 years in the industrial minerals industry, 19 with Rio Tinto in a range of marketing and business development functions, and eight years with junior exploration and development companies, such as Satimola in Kazakhstan and Ferrous Resources in Brazil. He has experience of mining development projects, and their promotion to financial backers and prospective buyers, as well as international trade in bulk minerals, and sales to consuming industries around the world.

Frances Wollmer, Nitrogen

Frances has spent the last 20 years as a consultant in the fertilizer/fertilizer raw material sector. For much of this period she has contributed to or been responsible for long-range forecasting, strategy and project feasibility studies. Frances is a regular speaker at industry conferences and has developed contacts with senior executives in all aspects of the fertilizer industry.

This study provides analysis of pygas, propylene, and butadiene out to 2018 to determine availability and impact in the different regions.

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A world in balance, or a world imbalance?

  • Review of the past year and the unexpected strength of gasoline demand
  • 2020 and the impact of refinery projects on supply, and the implications for product availability
  • How the world might deal with a potential overhang of naphtha and LPG, and a potential shortage of Fuel Oil

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