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Argus Americas Crude

An Argus market service - published daily

The Argus Americas Crude report covers the crude markets in the US Gulf coast, midcontinent, west coast, Canada and Latin America. Argus reports the market in the way that it trades and seeks to represent the entire market and all its liquidity. Argus domestic US prices represent the range of transactions throughout the entire trading day. Argus also provides unique total market indexes for Canadian crude. Below is a list of key regional prices assessed by Argus. 

Key Regional Prices

  • Light Louisiana Sweet (LLS)
  • West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Houston
  • West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Midland
  • Mars
  • Argus Sour Crude Index (ASCITM)
  • Western Canadian Select (WCS) Hardisty
  • Western Canadian Select (WCS) Cushing
  • Western Canadian Select (WCS) Houston
  • Bakken
  • Bakken Cushing

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Key Features

  • Price assessments
  • Crude deals done table
  • Historical data
  • Market-moving news
  • Market and price commentary
  • End of day summary report
  • Market-appropriate methodology

Argus Americas Crude provides spot market prices, including volume-weighted averages of deals done which are extensively used in term contracts, spot transactions, swaps and other instruments. Lists of deals done are published in the report along with full market commentary. The report also provides market-breaking news stories.

Our methodology document provides the specifications, volume, and timing assumptions behind our assessments. Argus is known for providing intelligent market indices for the Gulf coast, Canada and other markets.


Argus subscribers include traders, risk managers, planners, analysts, finance officers, senior executives, governments, regulators, tax authorities, national oil companies, major refiners and exchanges.

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