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Argus Caspian Markets (Argus Рынок Каспия)

Argus Caspian Markets is a weekly market report covering crude and products markets in the Caspian region and central Asia. The publication features price assessments for key regional grades of crude and products, freight rates, international trade flows, industry news and market analysis and is available in Russian and English.

Since 2009 Argus has been an official source of global crude and natural gas price information for Kazakhstan in accordance with the country’s tax legislation. Since 1 January 2012 Argus has been an official provider of market price information within the framework of Kazakhstan’s transfer pricing law. Argus has been recognised as an official source of price information for Kazakhstan’s domestic crude and products market since 12 May 2012. Turkmenistan’s state authorities use Argus information for pricing of crude, products, LPG and petrochemical exports.

Key features

Price assessments

  • Prices for supplies of Russian gasoline Ai- 92 (fca Petropavlovsk) to Kazakhstan
  • Prices for gasoline (Ai-80, Ai-92/93, Ai-95/96), diesel (summer and winter grades), jet and fuel oil in Kazakhstan’s domestic market (fca refinery)
  • Prices for oil products in Kazakhstan’s domestic market, including gasoline and naphtha (fca refinery)
  • Gasoline and diesel prices in Tajikistan
  • Retail gasoline and diesel prices in Kyrgyzstan
  • Daily Kumkol price (daf Alashankou) at the China-Kazakhstan border


  • Petronas’ selling prices in Kazakhstan
  • Ceiling wholesale prices for gasoline and diesel in Kazakhstan
  • Ceiling retail prices for gasoline and diesel in Kazakhstan
  • Ashgabat exchange bidding results
  • Product prices in Uzbekistan
  • Export duties in Kazakhstan and Russia
  • Border prices for products imported to Kyrgyzstan (cpt Lugovaya ), Tajikistan (cpt Kudukli), Afghanistan (daf Ghalaba/Khairatan)
  • Bunker fuel prices at the Caspian ports of Baku (Azerbaijan) and Aktau (Kazakhstan) on a fob basis
  • Bitumen prices in Kazakhstan’s domestic market
  • Prices for crude cargoes delivered to the Atyrau refinery for third-party processing


  • Product output at Kazakhstan’s refineries
  • Refining in Kazakhstan
  • Product exports and imports in Kazakhstan
  • Crude export and transit flows in Kazakhstan
  • Azerbaijan’s crude export destinations
  • CPC Blend loading schedule
  • Crude and condensate production in Azerbaijan
  • Product exports from Azerbaijan
  • Product imports in Georgia
  • Motor fuel supplies to Armenia through Georgian ports
  • Scheduled maintenance at some Russian refineries
  • Crude and product exports from Turkmenistan


  • Fuel imports in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
  • Import costs in Afghanistan
  • Crude loadings from Ceyhan

Our advantages

  • Daily market analysis
  • Detailed statistics updated on a regular basis
  • Historical prices since 2008
  • Industry news
  • Transparent methodology

The report is available through our fully customisable online platform Argus Direct, which allows subscribers to create price tables, charts, view interactive maps and customise news feed parameters for convenient analysis.

Our audience

Anyone with exposure to crude and oil products prices in the Caspian and central Asian region will find the Argus Caspian Markets report essential. Our subscribers include government authorities, state-run and private-sector companies, organisations involved in trading and shipping, refining, exploration and production, logistics companies, marketing specialists and analysts.

Argus Caspian Market methodology

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