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Argus Direct Mobile Support

The Argus Direct Mobile app offers access to energy and fertilizer news, prices and analysis.

Depending on your level of subscription, you will receive different levels of service. For example if you are a web customer, you will be able to access current and historical price data, all news and commentary for the product you subscribe to. If you are not a customer, you will only be able to access a small proportion of our total news output available to subscribers.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your subscription, or assess our services on a trial basis:

phone icon +44 (0) 20 7780 4200
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Logging In


The app uses the same username and password that you use to access our web product.

If you receive our services by other means (for example PDF via email), you may be entitled to an account to access your subscription on this app.

This will be provided by your account manager.


Using Dashboards

The Argus dashboard is a home page tailored to a particular subscription. Argus creates a default view for each report, which shows key prices, a news feed and graphs. Web subscribers can view their dashboard(s) through the iPad app. 

A chooser will be displayed when you log on if your subscription entitles you to more than one dashboard.



Your news is displayed along the left hand side of the screen. You can filter the news according to your interest. To do this, expand the news by clicking on the  News Full screen icon.

Then select the Argus Mobile App icon.

Click + if you want to add a news category to your news view or – if you want to remove it from your view. Please note that you will only be able to see the content of the news story that your subscription entitles you to.

You may also select all, deselecting all will revert to your previous selection.

Please note that you will only be able to see the content of the news story that your subscription entitles you to. Other headlines are displayed in grey.

When you return to the main dashboard screen, the news displayed will default back to the stories associated with your subscription.



PDF and web subscribers can also view their latest report. Your latest publication can be found at the bottom of the screen. If you have not yet looked at it on your iPad, an orange banner saying “NEW” will be displayed. The app will also prompt you to download the newest version of the report if you have yet to do so.

Once you download a publication it will be available for offline viewing.



Only web subscribers can access the graphing functions. To review this service contact us

phone icon +44 (0) 20 7780 4200
email icon

setting the chart range

The area above the graph shows you the latest prices for the markets selected, and includes information about the change from the previous assessment date and the bid offer range (if applicable). The tabs underneath the graph enable subscribers to change the date range and show values as absolute levels or in relation to each other.

To view more history, drag the graph to the right

To view prices for a particular day, touch the screen at the relevant point and hold down. The prices for that day are displayed in an overlay on the graph. 


My Graphs

To edit the graph displayed and to add new ones, click My Graphs at the top right of the dashboard screen.

The left side displays a list of graphs that have previously been saved. The first one, denoted by a blue underline, is the one that appears on the dashboard screen you just came from.

To alter the graph displayed on the dashboard, click ‘Edit’.  You can change the selections of prices, change the currency or change the units of the graph. Note some conversions are physically impossible, (for example volume to power), which will stop the graph from displaying correctly. Click ‘Save’, then ‘Back’ to return to the graph screen, and ‘Back’ again to return to the dashboard to see your updated graph.

To create new graphs, press ‘New’. You can display up to 4 price series in a graph and give it name before pressing ‘Save’, then ‘Back’.

Please note our pricing series are subject to additions and deletions. If you think this has affected your subscription, go to Settings and press ‘Rebuild Pricing Tables’ to sync the price series available with our central servers. This process is data intensive and can take many minutes. You should also do this if your subscription with Argus has changed.



As a default the app downloads data over a WiFi or data connection.

If you wish to download over WiFi only, check the box.

If your subscription has changed, press ‘Rebuild Pricing Tables’ to sync the price series available in the app with our central servers.


Further Support

 If your query is not covered by the above, please contact us by completing this form 

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