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Argus Air Daily

An Argus market service, published daily 

Argus Air Daily provides pricing, news and analysis for the North American environmental markets. The daily report includes detailed coverage of the California carbon markets, renewable energy certificate (REC) markets, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) CO2 market and US SOand NOx markets.

Price assessments are developed using consistent, up-to-date methodologies. Learn more about new state and federal environmental laws and regulations, EPA enforcement activities and air-quality initiatives in Argus Air Daily.

Carbon Coverage

  • Daily California Carbon Allowance assessments
  • Daily and month-to-date volume-weighted averages for California Carbon Allowances
  • Weekly California Low-Carbon Fuel Standard credits assessment
  • Daily spot and RGGI CO2 assessments
  • Daily and month-to-date RGGI CO2 volume weighted averages
  • Monthly benchmark RGGI CO2 index
  • Weekly pricing for pre-compliance and voluntary Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRT)
  • Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) developed under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Price spreads between CERs and European Union Allowances (EUAs) in the EU emissions trading scheme

RECs Coverage

  • Daily REC price assessments for US compliance markets and voluntary markets 
  • RECs coverage aligned with market compliance terms
  • Current and forward year assessments for Connecticut Class I, II and III; Massachusetts Class I and solar and New Jersey Class I, II and solar markets
  • California category 3 compliance RECs
  • Pennsylvania Tier I and solar, Maryland Tier I and Ohio in-state non-solar
  • Texas compliance RECs
  • National Green-e wind voluntary RECs
  • Green-e wind voluntary RECs from facilities in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council
  • Weekly trade report
  • Monthly trade indices in all assessed REC markets

US SO2 and NOx Coverage

  • Daily Clean Air Interstate Rule seasonal and annual NOX assessments
  • Daily spot and vintage 2009 SO2 assessments
  • Daily trade report
  • Weekly and monthly indexes

The Argus Air Daily provides key prices, analysis and news, delivered in a prompt and flexible manner.


Our subscribers include traders, risk managers, planners, analysts, finance officers, senior executives, governments, regulators, tax authorities, exchanges, coal producers, coal consumers, generators, regional transmission organizations, banks and oil companies.

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