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Argus Americas Rare Earths Summit 2017

Confirmed Speakers
Suzanne Malden
Suzanne Malden
, Global Commodity Manager, Bose Corporation

Suzanne Malden is Commodity Manager for Transducer Hard Parts for Bose Corporation, headquartered in Framingham, Mass, with offices in San Diego, CA. She leads a global cross-functional team including design, supplier quality, VAVE engineering and manufacturing engineers as well as plant quality, purchasing and customer teams who define strategy for the purchases of Neodymium and ferrite magnets. Suzanne has managed the Neodymium magnet team for seven of the seventeen years she has worked for Bose, so has experienced the extremes of market fluctuations, supply issues and technology innovations over that period of time. Suzanne has also worked for other large corporations such as Gillette and Black and Decker prior to her experience at Bose Corporation.
Bob Wolf
Robert Wolf,
Vice President, Alliance LLC

Robert Wolf has more than forty years’ experience in the permanent magnet industry. He has authored over a dozen articles and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Bob is a graduate of Loyola University, BS – Physics, and DePaul University, MS – Physics.

Bob has held the positions of Product Manager for Rare Earth Magnets at Crucible Materials Corporation, Manager of North American Marketing of Permanent Magnets for Philips Corporation, and Vice President Neodymium Iron Boron Sales for Ugimag Corporation and was on the Board of Directors of the Magnetic Materials Producers Association.

Currently as the President of Data Decisions, a consultancy company specializing in market research, and he exclusively represents Alliance LLC in sales and marketing. Bob was also an instructor in mathematics at Purdue University North Central.
Brian Gabriel
Brian Gabriel, Chief, Strategy Planning, DLA Strategic Materials

Brian Gabriel has been the Chief of the Strategic Planning Branch at Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Strategic Materials since late 2014. His team analyzes the risks associated with material supply chains as per the requirements of the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act (50 U.S.C. 98 et seq.). The team also executes risk mitigation efforts such as stockpiling or initiating recycling programs for potentially vulnerable supply chains. Previous to starting work at DLA in 2012, Brian was a Materials Engineer at the Army Research Lab (ARL). His research focused primarily on structure-property-performance relationships for coating technologies such as cold spray. Brian has a B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn State. He has authored or co-authorized several papers and technical reports and is a co-inventor of one US patent.
Mary Ann Alvin
Mary Anne Alvin, Technology Manager, Rare Earth Elements, National Energy Technology Lab

In 2005, Mary Anne Alvin joined DOE's NETL where she has led the ORD’s advanced gas turbine engine materials development and heat transfer research efforts for land-based power generation. Her collaborative efforts with universities, small businesses, and industrial partners directly support DOE’s hydrogen-fired turbine program. Ms. Alvin additionally serves as a Division Director for ORD's Functional Materials Development division, supervising a team of federal and contract scientists and engineers. She serves as the 2013-2014 Leadership Chair of the Power and Propulsion Systems Alliance (PPSA), which is comprised of a multi-agency DOD, DOE, NASA, WPAFB, Army, Navy, and FAA collaboration, and was previously PPSA's Materials, Technical Area Team (TAT) lead from 2007-2010. Mary Anne Alvin currently holds 27 patents with additional pending.

Prior to joining NETL, Ms. Alvin had 30 years of experience at Westinghouse and Siemens Westinghouse, working in the area of advanced energy system. As a Fellow Scientist, she served as both program manager and principal investigator, leading the development of advanced porous ceramic, intermetallic and superalloy materials, and filter components for high-temperature particulate removal in domestic and off-shore pilot- and demonstration-scale land-based power generation island wrap-around systems. Her expertise was coupled with pressurized, gasification and combustion coal-fired power generation facilities, combustion catalysts and high temperature, gas separation, membrane component development. Her extensive publications and exceptional communication and presentation skills led to international recognition in the area of high temperature porous media, and provided Westinghouse and Siemens Westinghouse with a commercial leadership role in materials. Ms. Alvin was awarded the Siemens Westinghouse Eagle Award in 1999, which is the highest corporate award at Siemens that is granted to an employee. In addition, she received a Six Sigma DFSS/DMAIC Green Belt in May 2004.
Feng Yunguang, Rare Earth and Steel Industry Manager, CCCMC
Feng Yun Guang
, Rare Earths and Steel Industry Manager, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals and Chemical Importers and Exporters (CCCMC)

Feng Yunguang, Rare Earths and Steel Industry Manager, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals and Chemical Importers and Exporters (CCCMC)
Graduated from China University of Geosciences during 2009-2007,Bachelor Degree of English and Master Degree of Economics. Since 2007 has worked for the China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters, responsible for rare earth export coordination since 2010.
Shri Singh
Shri D. Singh,
Chairman and Managing Director, Indian Rare Earths Limited

Shri Deependra Singh has taken over as Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Rare Earths Ltd (IREL) a Central Public Sector Undertaking under the aegis of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India w.e.f. 1st December 2015. Prior to this he was Director (Marketing) in Indian Rare Earths Ltd, since March, 2010. Shri Singh is M.Tech in Industrial Design and M.B.A in Marketing. He has rich and varied experience spanning over 3 decades in the field of Strategic Corporate Planning, Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Production Planning & Control, Quality Control & Quality Management System, Human Resource Management, Skill Development & Industrial Training.

He is a qualified Lead assessor of NABL as per ISO/IEC/17025 and Lead auditor of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. He has the credential of association in various projects under World Bank, OPEC and Asian Development Bank including prestigious projects of Central Govt. and UNIDO fellowship. He is recipient of several Awards including (1) CMO Asia Award for Most Influential National Leaders in Marketing (2) Award for Most Influential Marketing Leaders by World Marketing Congress and (3) Global HR Excellence Award for CEO with HR Orientation and credited with about 25 presentations in international mineral and other conferences. Mr.Singh is the President of the Rare Earths Association of India, Chairman of Processed Mineral Panel of CAPEXIL, Member of the Executive Board, Standing Committee on Public Sector (SCOPE) for 2017-19 and member of Managing Committee of Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI).
Robert Fox
Robert Fox
, Ph.D., Senior Chemical Research Scientist, Idaho National Lab 

Robert V. Fox, Ph.D., a distinguished senior chemical research scientist, joined INL in 1989 and is active in performing and directing innovative scientific research in the areas of metal complexation reactions, nanomaterials, laser spectroscopy, and supercritical fluid process chemistry. Dr. Fox has a broad level of experience in the areas of molecular and atomic spectroscopy, supercritical fluid catalysis, supercritical fluid extraction and separations, nanoparticle synthesis, geochemistry, and metal-complexation reactions in alternative solvent systems.

Dr. Fox has technical leadership responsibilities in research tasks and has been Principal Investigator of a number of successful programs for the U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense, Homeland Security and other government organizations, plus private industrial companies. Dr. Fox received two international R&D 100 awards for patented inventions; Precision Nanoparticles in 2009, and Supercritical Solid Catalyst in 2010. The Supercritical Solid Catalyst invention was awarded a 2010 Gordon Battelle Prize for Technology Impact as well as receiving 5 other innovation awards. Dr. Fox has been issued 25 U.S. patents and authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Fox is the recipient of an INL Laboratory Director Award in both 2009 and 2010, and was recently (2017) recognized with an Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award. Dr. Fox was also named INL Inventor of the Year for 2009 and again in 2010. Most recently, Dr. Fox was selected as the Idaho Innovator of the Year at the 2010 Idaho Innovation Awards, and was nominated R&D Magazine’s 2010 Scientist of the Year.
Cameron Davis, COO, Rare Earth Salts
Cameron Davies,
Chief Operating Officer, Rare Earths Salts

Cameron is a seasoned professional with more than fifteen years of experience investing in, advising, and building successful businesses. He has acted as a trusted advisor to numerous public and private companies and has been a profiled speaker at events across North America.

Cameron currently serves as Rare Earth Salts Chief Operating Officer where he oversees the Company’s operations and interactions with the investment community. Prior to joining Rare Earth Salts, Cameron was Managing Partner at Kirchner Private Capital Group, a leading U.S. based merchant bank focused on sell-side mergers and acquisitions to strategic buyers, operational turnaround management, and venture capital and private equity investments. Cameron provided leadership as part of the company’s senior management team and was instrumental in driving extensive growth in the Canadian operations.

Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President at investor relations firm, TMX Equicom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Toronto Stock Exchange. At TMX Equicom, Cameron oversaw numerous groups, helped grow the company’s client base more than 500 percent and acted as a critical member of the team that was responsible for the company’s acquisition by the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2007. Prior to that, he worked with a Toronto-based technology and life science focused Investment Fund and worked in investment services for the Royal Bank of Canada. Cameron holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University.
David Abraham
David Abraham, Author, The Elements of Power: Gadgets, Guns, and the Struggle for a Sustainable Future in the Rare Metal Age

David S. Abraham is the author of the award-winning book, The Elements of Power. His career spans from commodities trading and Wall Street to the White House where he oversaw international and natural resource programs. He counsels investors, mining companies and government agencies on risks and opportunities in minor metals. David is a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation and previously worked in Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
James Kennedy
Jim Kennedy, President, ThREE Consulting

ThREE provides consulting services to the financial, mining and energy industry on strategic issues related to rare earths and Thorium within the U.S. regulatory environment. Mr. Kennedy is also a leading industry advocate for the development of a fully integrated rare earth value chain inside the U.S. and is actively working to promote the development of Centralized Rare Earth Refinery and rationalize Thorium policy within the U.S.

Mr. Kennedy, in conjunction with the Thorium Energy Alliance, is behind federal legislation to end China’s rare earth monopoly and initiate the commercial development of Thorium Energy systems in the United States: Senate bill S. 2006 and House bill H.R. 4883. Mr. Kennedy has worked with the U.S. Congress, advised the Administration and Pentagon on rare earth issues and Thorium Energy. Mr. Kennedy has contributed to Senate rare earth bills in the 111th and 112th Congress.
Nabeel Mancheri
Nabeel Mancheri, Ph.D Marie Curie Fellow, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University, Netherlands

Nabeel A. Mancheri is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University, the Netherlands, where he works on a project funded by the European Commission. The programme evaluates critical material flow and the value chain in the EU economy. Nabeel trained as an economist, specialising in international trade and environmental and resource economics.
Jack Lifton
Jack Lifton,
Founding Principal, Technology Metals Research 

Jack Lifton’s work career began at Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan with the preparation and study of the electronic properties of ultrapure technology metals’ their compounds, and their alloys in 1962. He first examined the electronic uses of lithium and its compounds for energy storage and production in 1962. Jack Lifton produced, in 1964, the first thin film phase change memory cell, which resulted first in the invention of the recordable CD/DVD and is today the basis of SSD computer memories. At ECD he also worked on the development of the first commercial europium based cathodoluminescent phosphor and participated in the first work on rare earth based hydrogen storage alloys that led ultimately to the development of the nickel hydride battery in the period 1965-67. He was also at that time a volunteer member of the team at the Ford Motor Company developing alkali-metal sulfur molten salt batteries for vehicular traction use. After receiving his M.S. Chemistry degree from Wayne State University (Detroit) in 1967 he began his employment by ITT Advanced Electro-Optical Laboratories in San Fernando, Ca. where he developed a method for the deposition of thin films of photoactive materials along the walls of microchannel plate tubes that resulted in the successful creation of a type of solid state image intensifier device still in use today. Returning to Detroit in 1970 he began a new career in developing and manufacturing engineered materials for the OEM automotive and electronics industry. Between 1972 he served as production manager; technical sales director; VP operations, and finally CEO of a Detroit based private production materials manufacturing company and then of a FrancoBritish joint venture. His industrial career ended when he retired as the CEO of a wholly owned American OEM engineered materials subsidiary of Germany’s MetallGesellschaft, but he continued as a business operations consultant as Jack Lifton LLC, which he founded in 1999 and which continues in operation today. He consults to public and private companies, institutional investors, and governmental organizations on the sourcing, refining, fabricating, and marketing of the technology metals and materials. He is on the advisory or main boards of companies in the lithium, graphite, rare earths, niobium, and process engineering ventures.
Casey McNeil
Casey McNeil, CEO, REEcycle

Casey possesses an extensive background in the electronics recycling space from his many years of experience working in numerous roles within the industry. Casey currently focuses a majority of his attention on working with electronics recycling companies to develop more efficient techniques for magnet extraction and procurement. He is also tasked with sourcing a continuous, sustainable supply of NdFeB magnets from a variety of recycled materials from around the world. His strategic insight into the electronics recycling industry can be attributed to his founding of Vendera Mobile, a start-up focused on managing and recycling mobile devices for large enterprise clients. His background in the mobile recycling sector has provided him with a unique understanding of the data security aspects related to electronics recycling. Prior to Vendera and REEcycle, he was an initial member of iCracked, a high growth Silicon Valley cell phone repair and recycling company.
Jon Blumenthal
Jon Blumenthal,
President & CEO, Blue Line Corporation

Jon Blumenthal is President and CEO of Blue Line Corporation - a specialty chemical business focused on rare earth chemistry and inorganic compounds with facilities in San Antonio, TX, and Hondo, TX. Jon has succeeded at growing the idea of an inorganic chemical manufacturing company into a reality. Blue Line acquires its raw materials around the world and distributes manufactured products throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Its manufactured materials are used for catalysis in petroleum refining, nano-technology, electronics, optics, and water treatment.

Jon has a passion for working closely with his customers to develop new technologies and is currently exploring new rare earth, molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt and nickel recycling projects. Blue Line Corporation is ISO9000 certified and Jon prides himself on providing each customer with the highest quality of product and superior service.

Jon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University, performed post-graduate work in Chemical Engineering at Polytechnic Institute of New York and has over 30 years of industrial experience. He is a member of the San Antonio Manufacturing Association, the American Chemical Society and American institute of Chemical Engineers.
Melvin Hill
Melvin Hill, Business Manager, Rare Earths, GE Chaplin

Melvin Hill joined GE Chaplin in 2015. Established in 1987 as a manufacturer’s representative/sales agency, GE Chaplin has grown into a global specialty chemical distributor. He has played a pivotal role in the expansion of the company’s rare earth business.

Melvin is a graduate of Wake Forest University, where he doubled majored in Economics and Mandarin. He completed a year of post-graduate study at the Harbin Institute of Technology where he focused on Mandarin Language studies and applied natural resource economics. Melvin’s background in the rare earth sector includes multiple years in research and analysis as well as global sales and procurement management.
Clint Cox, President, The Anchor House, Inc.

Clint Cox has been President of The Anchor House, Inc. since founding the firm in 1995. Mr. Cox has been focused on the rare earth elements sector since 2006, and consults with a variety of clients throughout the REE supply chain. 
Darren Smith
Darren Smith, Project Manager, Ashram Rare Earth Deposit, Commerce Resources

Darren L. Smith is a Professional Geologist and graduate of Carleton University with a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Science (Geology). As a Senior Geologist/Manager with Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd., he is endowed with over eleven years’ experience in the mineral exploration industry, with a strong focus on rare earth elements (REEs), Niobium, and Tantalum.

Darren led the exploration program that resulted in the discovery of the Ashram Rare Earth Deposit in 2009, and he has been instrumental in its advancement. As Ashram Project Manager, he directs all field operations and development programs, including the ongoing metallurgy, as well as the project’s overall management.
Don Lay
Don Lay,
CEO, Medallion Resources

Don runs Medallion Resources, a public venture company focused on exploiting by-product monazite as an approach to bring new sources of rare-earths material to market outside of China. Monazite, which is mined and upgraded as an accessory mineral within the heavy minerals sands mining industry, is widely available and is one of only a few minerals that has ever been commercially processed for rare earths at a large scale. Don, who has been with Medallion for 5 years, has 30 years of experience in developing strategy and executing businesses in complex marketplaces. He has served as a senior officer and director for a number of public and private resource and technologies companies. Before entering the start-up world in 1994, Mr. Lay invested 13 years in enterprise software arena in development, sales and support. Don holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.
Andre Gauthier
Andre Gauthier,
President, Matamec Exploration

Mr. Gauthier joined Matamec in 2003 and has been the company’s President and CEO since 2005. He has led the company throughout the development of its HREE-enriched Kipawa Project, located in Quebec, Canada. Mr. Gauthier holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and has completed the required Masters courses in Project Management from University of Quebec in Montreal. From 1994 to 1996 he was Vice-President of the public junior mining company Q.E.X. Resources Inc. (which became Adventure Gold Inc. in 2007). From 1984 to 1992, he was secretary-treasurer and CFO of Abior Exploration Inc. (which became Exploration Diabior Inc., now merged with Virginia Gold Mines Inc.).  
Nigel Tunna
Nigel Tunna, VP Business Development, Metals, Argus

Nigel Tunna has been involved with the metals industry since 1979 when he joined Cominco as a metals trader. Since that time he worked with Sassoon Metals and Chemicals and China Industrial Resources before setting up his own trading company, Rushmore. His experience covers base metals, ferro-alloys, minor metals and rare earths. In 1999 he started Metal-Pages to provide business intelligence to the metals industry. In 2014 he joined Argus Media following their acquisition of Metal-Pages. He is a former chairman of the Minor Metals Trade Association.
Mark Seddon
Mark Seddon,
Senior Manager, Argus

Mark Seddon is Senior Manager (Metals), Consulting Services, based in London. He is responsible for Argus’ rare earths and tungsten monthly outlooks and for developing metals consulting services. With over 25 years’ experience in the commodities industry as a trader, researcher, consultant and company executive, Mark has a wealth of experience in the metals sector.

After gaining a BA (Hons) Degree in European Business Administration, as well as a Diplôme d’Études Supérieures Européennes de Management, Mark spent three years as a sugar trader with Louis Dreyfus, a leading global soft commodities company. The next 20 years were spent at Roskill Information Services, a leader in international metals and minerals research. In January 2001, Mark was appointed a director at Roskill and in December 2010 became the Managing Director of the company. Prior to joining Argus, he ran his own metals consulting company, Tungsten Market Research.
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