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Argus Olefins Markets Seminar

January 19, 2017  - Argus Olefins Markets Seminar

Regional shifts in olefin production and uncertainty surrounding new and emerging demand make for a dynamic and evolving global landscape for olefins and NGL market participants. This post-conference seminar will provide an in-depth analysis of global olefins markets from the vantage point of NGL feedstocks.

Information Join Argus subject matter experts during this seminar to plan your business and discuss the issues facing this growing industry sector for 2017 and beyond!

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Topics to be discussed...

  • Ethylene market landscape
  • Growing NGL feedstock demand
  • Polyethylene and polypropylene outlook
  • Integration of new olefin feedstock dynamics
Jimmy Levine, Vice President, Olefins - Ethylene
Paige Morse
Michelle Klump, Editor, US Polymers
Steve Weber
Jimmy Levine
VP, Olefins -
Paige Morse, PhD
VP, Propylene and
Michelle Klump
Editor, US
Steve Weber
VP, Petrochemical

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Who should attend...

Supply Chain Managers - Procurement and Purchasing Personnel - Business Development - Market Analysts - Commercial Managers and Directors - Product Managers - Optimization Planners - Traders

Join senior-level market participants from more than 28 countries to discuss the major issues shaping the LPG market.
Downtown Houston

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Global ethylene and PE balances 2011-2025

Join Joe Duffy, Principal Argus Consulting, as he discusses the forecast of global ethylene supply and demand as prepared in the Argus Ethylene Annual 2016.

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This study provides analysis of pygas, propylene, and butadiene out to 2018 to determine availability and impact in the different regions.

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