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Argus California Carbon & LCFS Summit


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Wednesday, October 26th: Argus Cap-and-Trade, LCFS and RINs Workshop *An additional $295 fee applies
08:00 - 09:00  Cap-and-Trade

California’s cap-and-trade program is the most aggressive effort in the US to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, covering most of the state’s economy. It plays an important role in the state’s efforts to move way from carbon-intensive sources of energy and is being watched closely by regulators in the US and around the world as they look for ways to address climate change. Join us for an overview of the program and how it fits into the state’s broader climate policy goals, including:

• Program design, targets and coverage
• Carbon allowances and offsets
• What it means for power producers and refiners
• Challenges to the carbon market and program

Michael Ball, Editor, Argus Air Daily, Argus
09:00 - 09:15 Coffee Break
09:15 - 10:15 LCFS

The Low-Carbon Fuel Standard represents California’s effort to transform the state’s transportation sector by encouraging fuel suppliers to move away from conventional fuels toward alternatives such as biofuels, biogas and electricity. For this part of the workshop, we will discuss how the LCFS attempts to drive this change, including:

• Program structure and requirements
• Credit market and compliance trends
• How it is affecting fuel supplies
• Possible changes to the program

Michael Ball,
Editor, Argus Air Daily, Argus
10:15 - 11:15  RFS and RINs Market Overview

This workshop will bring participants up to speed on the RFS so that they understand how RINs are re-shaping the petroleum industry and the international biofuels marketplace. We will start with an overview on the RFS requirements and how the regulations set up the drivers for RINs prices. The presentation will demonstrate how RINs prices are related to commodities (petroleum and agricultural) and diminishing liquidity driven by the RFS policy. We will discuss how marketplace realities have reduced compliance options and focused RINs price-drivers on specific biofuels. The wrap-up will provide an overview of strategies and best-practices for minimizing exposure and capitalizing on opportunities from the RFS mandate.

• The RFS mandate: Blend biofuels or buy RINs
• Reshaping the petroleum market: RVOs and RINs banks
• Drivers for RINs prices
• Compliance strategies and market opportunities

Paul Niznik,
Consultant, Argus
 11:15 Workshop Concludes 

We asked carbon & emission stakeholders what the future holds for these markets.

Carbon and emissions markets infographic

Download the infographic to find out what they told us

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