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Fertilizer Latino Americano FLA 2018


*This agenda is subject to change.

Monday 22 January


Registration and Coffee

Exhibition Stands Open


Micronutrients Forum

10.00  The Size of the Micronutrients Market in Latin America and Assessing Its Growth Potential
  • The key markets for micronutrients in the region
  • Major regional players
  • Expectations for future consumption
Dr Ricardo Melgar, Industry Consultant, INTA

The Use of Micronutrients In Tropical Agriculture: Concepts, Currently Status and Trends

Ithamar Prada Neto, Head of Research and Development, Produquimica 


Consumption trends of Micronutrients in Brazil

  • Assessing demand for different micronutrients used in major crops
  • Examining soil deficiencies and requirements in different regions 

Eduardo Dahur, Consultant, MacroSector 

José Francisco da Cunha, Agronomist, Tec-fertil

11.30  Break
 12.00  Addressing Zinc Deficiencies in Soils in Latin America
  • Considering the benefits of incorporating zinc on plant health
  • Methods for applying zinc to maximise the benefits to crops
  • The implications for human health
Andrew Green, Director, Zinc Nutrient Initiative, International Zinc Association
 12.30 The Importance of Choosing the Correct Chelating Agent for Crop Health

Dr. Rafael Ungarato, Technical Manager, Dow
 13.00  Lunch
 14.30 Benefits of Refined Borates in Agriculture

Dr Marcel Barbier, Development Specialist

US Borax (Rio Tinto Borates)

 15.00  The Role of Chelated Micronutrients in Improving Crop Performance
  • What factors to consider when selected chelates
  • New products and their agronomic benefit 
José Alfredo García, Director General, America, Tradecorp 
 16.00 - 17.00 Roundtable Discussions
18.30 - 20.30

Cocktail Party


Tuesday 23 January


Registration and Exhibition Opens


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Lauren Williamson, SVP Fertilizers, Argus


New Supply Patterns in Fertilizer Trade and Impact on Imports into Latin America

  • The latest global trade flows in nitrogen markets
  • How will global oversupply impact the region?
  • What to expect from Chinese production in 2018-9
  • The implications of changing global dynamics for buyers in Latin America
Frances Wollmer, Principal Consultant, Fertilizers, Argus
 10.00 An Examination of Factors Affecting Fertilizer Consumption in Brazil
  • Profile of crop production
  • Economic factors and trends affecting future agricultural markets development
  • Likely impacts on the consumption of fertilizers
Marcelo F. GuimaraesSecretariat of Agricultural Policy, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply
 10.30 How Will the Brazil Fertilizer Market Look in 5 Years' Time?
  • Changes in the needs of farmers
  • Trends in demand for different types of products 
  • Developments in wholesale and resale channels 
  • Domestic vs imported supply

Rick Mclellan, SVP and President - Brazil, Mosaic Fertilizantes

 11.00  Networking Break
 11.30 Brazilian Market Update: Sources of Supply, Import Market and Expectations for Regional Production
  • Assessing trade flows and volumes into Brazil
  • Evaluating the current demand and growth potential across different regions in Brazil
  • Growth in imports via ports in Northern Brazil and impact on overall trade patterns
Mony Belon, Editor, Argus Fertilizer Brazil, Argus 


Natural Solution to Meet Multi-Nutrient Fertilizer Demand in Latin America

  • Meeting the challenge of nutrient deficiencies in the region
  • POLY4 an efficient and sustainable source of sulphur
  • The multi nutrient value proposition 

J.T. Starzecki, Chief Marketing Officer, Sirius Minerals

 12.20 Panel – Regional Perspectives on Opportunities and Challenges For Fertilizer Consumption in Latin America
  • Expectations for agricultural productivity in major markets
  • How are external factors affecting demand?
  • Changes in fertilizer demand – growth in use of specialty fertilizers
Panelists include:
María Fernanda González Sanjuan, Executive Director, FERTILIZAR Asociación Civil (Argentina)
 12.40 Soybean Complex in Brazil: Supply & Demand Analysis

Daniel Furlan Amaral, Economics Manager, ABIOVE
 13.10 Lunch

Markets and Trade Track

Innovation and R&D Track

14.30 Considering the Farmer Perspectives on the Use of Fertilizers and the Challenges for the Sector
  • Accessing credit and financing options
  • Farmer economics – evaluating the short and long term outlook
  • Strength of the Brazilian real and impact on crop prices
  • Access to Agronomy expertise – what channels do farmers use to get information?
María Beatriz Giraudo, Policy Coordination for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agro-Industry, Argentina and Member of the Global Farmer Network

Assessing the Growing Market for Slow and Control Release Fertilizers

  • Major players and market penetration
  • Crop responses and outcome of field tests
  • The latest in coating technology development
  • Minimising  environmental impact by avoiding leaching

Diego Longobucco, CEO, Compo Expert Argentina

 15.00 Opportunities for the Fertilizer Sector and for Farmers in Paraguay
  • Profile of crop production in the region and expectations for growth
  • Assessing fertilizer requirements of specific crops and demand drivers
  • Building a database of soil fertility to better understand nutrient deficiencies
Enrique Hahn, Agriculture Consultant and Researcher, Sustentap and Advisor, Ministry of Agriculture, Paraguay

 Using Soil Analysis and Advanced Technology to Optimise Crop Performance

  • Identifying nutrient deficiencies in soil
  • How new technology is improving crop yields and minimising environmental impact

Martín Torres Duggan, Nutrient Manager and Researcher, Tecnoagro
 15.30  Networking Break
 16.00  Addressing Infrastructure Challenges and Logistical Constraints for the Movements of Fertilizers
  • Investment in port infrastructure
  • Minimising the risk of bottlenecks
  • Does transportation and storage capacity match demand?
  • Tackling problems with inland transportation
Jose Vicente Caixeta Filho, Professor, Group of Research and Extension in Agroindustrial Logistics, ESALQ/USP
Biostimulants – Current Use in Latin America and Potential Growth
  • Current use of biostimulants
  • Agronomic benefits 
  • Assessing the future market potential 
  • Organic biostimulants vs acid based products
Marcio Domingues, R&D Technical Manager Brazil, Tradecorp

 16.30  Developments in Agriculture and Fertilizer Demand in Brazil
  • Agricultural production  trends
  • Expectations for exports
  • Growth drivers
  • Impact on fertilizer demand

Panellists include:
Alan Bojanic, Brazil Representative, FAO Brasil
Anderson Galvão, CEO, Celeres

 Stabilised Nitrogen Technology to Improve Crop Quality and Yield
  • Highlighting the importance of urease and nitrification inhibitors to maximise crop performance
  • Reducing the potential of nutrient losses to the environment
  • Outcomes of field trials of major crops in the region
Dr. Cleiton Sequeira, Manager,Agronomy & Specialty Sales, Koch Agronomic Services
 17.00 Chairperson's closing remarks  Chairperson's closing remarks

Cocktail Party


 Wednesday 24 January


Registration and Exhibition Opens

 Regional Markets Track

Innovation and R&D Track

 09.50  Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
 10.00  Assessing the Sulphur Market and Demand Drivers in Latin America
  • What role does sulphur play in crops and soil health?
  • Assessing import volumes and key markets
  • The market for elemental sulphur vs sulphur enhanced fertilizers
  • Growth in application of NPS fertilizers
Claira Lloyd, Editor, Sulphur, Argus
How to Optimize the Use of Phosphorus in Agriculture
  • Phosphorus fertilization: agronomic and environmental considerations
Dr. Luís Prochnow, Brazil Program Director, IPNI
10.30 New Fertilizer Production Capacity to Meet Regional Demand

Nick Ross, Head of Potash, CRU

 Improving NPK’s through a simple multi nutrient NPK feedstock
  • POLY4 as an effective and efficient feedstock into the NPK equation
  • Balancing the NPK mix with S, MgO and CaO
  • Simple proposition for modernising farmers fertilizer practices

Robert Meakin, Research & Development Director, Sirius Minerals

11.00 Networking Break
 11.30 Assessing Market Activity and Expectations for Future Consolidation
  • Recent merger and acquisition activity 
  • Can we expect further industry consolidation in the fertilizer sector?
  • Assessing trends in the broader agri-business sector
Guilherme Soria Bastos Filho, Agricultural Markets Expert, GSBF Consulting 

 A Look at the Application of Fertilizers to Optimise the Yield and Quality of Citrus Fruits
  • Assessing the timing of application
  • The role of  micronutrients in citrus fruit cultivation
Dirceu Mattos Jr, Scientific Researcher, Mineral Nutrition of Plants, International Society of Citriculture 
 12.00 Financing Fertilizer Mining Projects in Latin America 
Claudio Pitchon, Head of Latin America l Natural Resources, Mizuho Bank
 The Market for Speciality Fertilizers in Latin America
 12.30  Lunch
 14.00  Break Out Session: Challenges and Opportunities in the Brazil Market 
An interactive session providing a deeper focus on the Brazilian market and assessment of growth potential and opportunities in the market.

Eduardo Dahur, Consultant, MacroSector

José Francisco da Cunha, Agronomist, Tec-fertil
17.00 End of conference

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Quotation marks"The conference was fantastic." - Antonio de Urruticoechea, Algorta Project Engineer, ACF Nitratos

Quotation marks "It was a tremendous success and enabled us to better understand the market trends regionally and to further develop our network of contacts in this important industry." - Daniel Anderson, Managing Director, Solex Thermal Science

Quotation marks  "The two cocktail parties were fantastic, so original and stimulating for having fun and making new contacts." - Martin Torres Duggan, Senior Consultant, Tecnoagro