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Confirmed Speakers

Hiroaki Goto, Manager, Fuel Trading Div. Fuel Dept, EREX Co

Hiroaki Goto

Manager, Fuel Trading Div. Fuel Dept

Mr Goto joined Erex in December 2016 as Deputy Manager of Energy Trading Department. Prior to joining Erex, he worked for RASA Corporation in Tokyo, Osaka, Australia and Singapore in the fields of business development and marketing of industrial minerals and raw materials for over 20 years.

Marco Kim, Global Cooperation Advisor, Forest Biomass Energy Association

Marco Kim
Global Cooperation Advisor
Forest Biomass Energy Association

Marco has been in the biomass business for more than 10 years in various roles including production, trading and procurement of wood pellets.

Ryuu Lee, Biomass Trader, Hanwa Co
Ryuu Lee
Biomass Trader
Hanwa Co

Ryuu Joined Hanwa Singapore in 2013 and was initially responsible only for the sourcing of biomass for the Japanese and Korean markets. With the growth of Hanwa’s business in the renewable energy sector over the last few years, he is now responsible for both sourcing of biomass, sales of biomass to regions out of Japan/Korea, and also new project developments. He is currently based in Bangkok for the development of sustainable long term wood pellet supplies.
Kyu Ho Song, General Manager (Business Development), GS EPS
Kyu Ho Song

General Manager (Business Development)

Kyu Ho Song is the general manager of GS EPS business development and joined GS Group in 2013. He worked at GS Group as general manager of corporate planning and business development covering M&A deals of IPP, District Heat, and E&P investment in Korea and South East Asia. Following an E&P investment in South East Asia, he covered the forestry and wood pellet business development with the cooperation of local group companies as partners.
Andrew Curtis, General Manager, Equis Bioenergy (Japan), Equis
Andrew Curtis

General Manager, Equis Bioenergy (Japan)

Andrew is General Manager of Equis Bioenergy, a developer, owner and operator of biomass and bioenergy power plants. Andrew is based in Japan and has worked in the energy sector with a focus on thermal power generation for 18 years. His career experience covers major equipment supply, project management, consulting and technical advisory, engineering asset management, and operations and maintenance.
Fumiyo Harada, General Manager, Corporate Finance Department, Division 5, Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ)
Fumiyo Harada

General Manager, Corporate Finance Department, Division 5; and
General Manager, International Strategy & Coordination Department
Development Bank of Japan, Inc

Fumiyo Harada serves as General Manager for two departments of the Development Bank of Japan, Inc.; Corporate Finance Department, Division 5 and the International Strategy & Coordination Department, particularly responsible for renewable energy sector projects worldwide as well as DBJ Group’s business strategy for Asia and the Pacific.
Dikki Akhmar Chairman Indonesian Palm-Kernel Shell Business Association (Apcasi)

Dikki Akhmar

Indonesian Palm-Kernel Shell Business Association (Apcasi)
Masaki Mita 100
Masaki Mita

Head of Japan Office

Masaki Mita runs the Argus Japan office. He develops business strategy and advises Japanese market participants of the benefits of using independent price assessments. He previously worked as an energy market reporter at other international and local energy price reporting agencies, where he built his experience and knowledge in a variety of markets in Asia-Pacific.
Lim Tzer-Han, Director, Equis
Lim Tzer-Han


Tzer-Han is based in Japan and has 16 years of experience in finance and investing. He led the establishment of Equis’ wind and bioenergy platform in Japan. Equis continues to invest across all sectors in the biomass space, including power, fuels and logistics.

laura tovey fall
Laura Tovey-Fall

Editor, Argus Biomass Markets

Laura has been with Argus since June 2013 and became editor of Argus Biomass Markets in late 2015 following a stint on the natural gas desk. She launched Italian premium wood pellet prices in March to capture an important segment of European demand.

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