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Argus FMB Asia Fertilizer 2017


*This agenda is subject to change.

Wednesday 29 March


Registration, Coffee and Exhibition Open

 9.20 - 15.00 NEWAsia Micronutrients Forum - (separately bookable)
 9.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks
Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus
 10.00 Global and Regional Developments in Demand for Micronutrients 
  • The global perspective of the micronutrients market
  • Addressing crop specific requirements
  • Incorporating micronutrients to maximise crop yield 
  • Assessing growth markets for micronutrients
Kevin Moran, Chief Technology Officer, Kingenta
 10.30  The Role of Micronutrients in Increasing Fertilizer Efficiency in China
  • Assessing micronutrient requirements based on soil mapping activities
  • How regional soil and crop variances affect demand of micronutrients
  • Achieving cost efficiencies for producers and farmers with improved productivity
  • The importance of high efficiency fertilizers in light of China’s Zero Growth Policy
Fusuo Zhang, Professor of Plant Nutrition, China Agricultural University
11.00  Break
11.30  Examining Current Global Zinc Use and Assessing Its Benefits  
  • Benefits of zinc applications on crop yield and human health
  • Assessing the drivers for further growth
  • Developments and opportunities for Zn-based fertilizer products
Ming Xian Fan, Director, China Program, ZNI, International Zinc Association
12.00 Country Focus: Zinc Deficiencies and the Benefits of Increasing Zinc Fertilizer Use in China 
Dr Du Sen, Director of Water Saving and Upland Farming, NATESC, the Ministry of Agriculture, China
13.30 Growth Opportunities in the Global Boron Market Analysis of global supply and demand trends
  • Applications and uses around the world
  • Benefits of Boron application for crop yield and profitability for farmers
Mark Manning, Director of Market Development, Rio Tinto Borates
Highlighting the Value of Using Borate Micronutrients in the Main Crops in Asia
  • Examination of key markets including Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia
  • Outcome of field trial results from around the world and relevance in Asia
  • Role of boron in improving productivity of regional crops
Martin Philips, Independent Consultant
14.30 Forum Chair’s Closing Remarks
Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus
17.30 - 19.30

Cocktail Party 

Thursday 30 March


Registration, Coffee and Exhibition Stands Open

9.20 Chairperson’s Welcome
Xie Fang, Senior Analyst, Argus 
9.30  Opening Remarks: Fertilizer Industry Developments in China
  • Gu Zongqin, Chairman, China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute and Chairman, China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association
  • Li Guang, Secretary General, China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association
  • Chen Guofu, Secretary General – Potash Branch, China Inorganic Salt Industry Association
10.00  Outlook for the Global Urea Market
  • Changing supply-demand dynamics in a low-price environment
  • Position of Chinese exporters
  • Update on capacity increases
  • US market developments and their impact on markets around the world
Steve Mitchell, Editor- Argus Nitrogen, Argus 
10.30  Assessing NPK Fertilizer Use in China
  • Output and consumption – assessing NPK demand by region
  • Impact of the Zero Growth Policy on NPK use
  • Soil requirements and assessing nutrient requirements
  • Assessing NPK product quality and market development potential

Yang Huafeng, President, Hubei Xinyangfeng
 11.00  Break
 11.30 Changes in China's Fertilizer Demand and Its Impact on Import

  • Challenges facing the Chinese fertilizer industry
  • New changes in China's agricultural policy
  • Developments in fertilizer demand
  • Impact on imports

Xu Deren, Manager of International Business Department, Sinofert

 12.00 Agricultural Production, Policy and Trade Developments

Huiqun Fan,
Division Chief of the Bureau, Agricultural Means of Production and Secretary General, China-ASEAN Chamber of Agricultural Commerce
 12.30  An Update on OCP’s Projects and Global Strategy

Hicham Benkirane, VP Marketing, OCP Group
 13.00  Lunch

Markets and Trade Track
 Innovation and R&D Track
14.30 Phosphate Market Developments and Supply and Demand Balance
  • Balancing domestic vs Chinese export opportunities
  • Impact of changes in export tax policy on prices and trade flows
  • Export options for Chinese producers
Mike Nash, Editor - Argus Phosphates, Argus 

Latest Developments in Water Soluble Fertilizers and Utilization in China

Zhai Jidong,
Chief Operating Officer, Kingenta 

  15.00 Oil Palm Crop Requirements, Market Growth Potential and Impact on Potash Demand
  • Current production and further growth potential
  • Nutrient demand and efficiency of use
  • Optimization towards more sustainable production, the role of improved nutrient management
Rolf Haerdter, Managing Director, K+S Asia Pacific
 Developments and Benefits of Controlled Release Fertilizer Technology
  • Balancing the release properties and the degradation properties of coating membranes
  • Application in rice, corn, wheat and cash crops
Zhong Chenghu, General Manager, Shandong Moith Ecological Fertilizer Co.
 15.30  Break  Break
 16.00  Impact of New Urea Projects on the Asian Market
  • Proposed projects
  • Analysis of the current urea market
  • Forecast for the future
  • The impacts of SAMUR project
En. Hisham B Mohamad, Head of Marketing and Sales, Petronas
Efficient Fertilizer Application Strategies for Maximising Crop Yields
  • Using controlled release fertilizers in certain conditions
  • Using fertigation with advanced additives
  • Using foliar nutrition containing advanced additives
Eran Barak, Director Product Development & Technology, ICL Specialty Fertilizers

Evolution of Nitrogen Technology – Protecting Your Nitrogen for Increased Yield and Income Potential

John Hassell, Research Manager-Global Innovation Technologies, Koch Agronomic Services, LLC
17.30 - 19.30 Cocktail Party


 Friday 31 March


Coffee and Exhibition Stands Open

Regional Markets Track  Innovation and R&D Track
 9.20  Chair’s Opening Remarks
Carl Roache, Editor - Asia Fertilizers, Argus
Chair's Opening Remarks
Adrian Stubbs,
Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus
 9.30   Developments in the India Fertilizer Market
  • Market dynamics
  • Subsidy developments
  • Demand expectations

Satish Chander, Director General, FAI – The Fertiliser Association of India

Eco-Friendly Formulations for Multi-Functional Fertilizers

Krish Shanmuga, Global R&D Director for Agrochemical, Solvay
 10.00 Moving Towards Balanced Fertilization India to Improve Productivity and Profitability for Farmers
Mahesh Chandra Goel, Country Head-India & Indian Sub-continent, Aries Fertilizers Group
The Role of Biostimulants in Enhancing Nutrition Efficiency and Increasing Yields

Stone Zhang
, China Crop Manager, Valagro

 11.00 Developments in the Fertilizer Market in The Philippines

Medel A. Enriquez, Senior Vice President, Atlas Fertilizer Corporation
 Benefits of Specialty Fertilizers for Horticultural Farming

Charly Jia, 
Marketing and Sales Director,Van Iperen
 11.30  Agricultural Situation in Thailand and Developments in the Fertilizer Market 

Supuk LaudeeGeneral Manager, Marketing and R&D Division, Thai Central Chemical Public Co.

Hybrid Fertilizers for Sustainable Crop Yield: Using Technology to Ensure the Right Balance of Nutrition for Plants

Dato’ Tony Peng Shih Hao,
Group Chairman, All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation
 12.00  Speaker Q&A and chair’s closing remarks
 Speaker Q&A and chair’s closing remarks


14.30 End of Conference

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Chair’s Opening Remarks
Chair’s Opening Remarks
Chair’s Opening Remarks
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