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Argus Petrochemical Asia 2017

The aromatics conference will be held on 17 August 2017. The event is bookable separately and as a package. Click the link below to make a booking.

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 08:40 - 09:10
Registration and coffee
 09:10 - 09:20
Chairman’s welcome remarks
 Anu Agarwal, Senior Vice -President, Argus

Exploring benzene 

 09:20 - 09:50
How soon will China become the world’s biggest benzene buyer?
TBC, Wanhua
 09:50 - 10:20
India emerging as a bigger exporter: What’s the story?
Makarand Dixit, Head of Marketing, OPAL
 10:20 - 10:30
Questions and answers
 10:30 - 11:00
Networking refreshments
 11:00 - 11:30
An overview and outlook for global benzene trade

Paco Rangel, Vice President, Aromatics, Argus
 11:30 - 12:00

Middle East benzene: Supply growth and its impact on trade dynamics

 12:00 - 12:10
Questions and answers
 12:10 - 14:00  
Networking lunch

New global shifts in styrene

 14:00 - 14:30
Changing trade flows in SM market

Dora Zhu ,
General Manager, Grand Resources
 14:30 - 15:00
Developments in phenol markets and trends

Jens Kaatze, Senior Vice President, Covestro
 15:00 - 15:10
Questions and answers
 15:10 - 15:40
Networking refreshments

 PX and PTA margins 

 15:40 - 16:10
PTA futures and the impact on PX markets

Bohan Loh, Petrochemical Markets Editor, Argus

 16:10 - 16:40 Rising PTA production capacity in China and trade margins

B.C Shou,General Manager, Rongsheng Petrochemicals
 16:40 - 16:50
Questions and answers
 16:50 - 17:20
Closing panel discussion: Is aromatics poised for oversupply?

Roger Van Baal,
Executive Director, Integra
Jens Kaatze,
Senior Vice President, Covestro
Paco Rangel,
Vice President, Aromatics, Argus
 17:20 - 17:30
Chairman's closing remarks and end of conference

Mahua Chakravarty,
Petrochemical Markets Editor, Argus

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