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Argus Petrochemical Asia 2017

Argus Petrochemicals Training will be held on 16 August 2017. The event is separately bookable. Click the link below for more information

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09.00 Registration opens
09.30  Welcome remarks
   Introduction: Capturing trainee expectations and objectives
   Morning Session: Petrochemical Basics and Energy Pricing

  • Global energy markets – Changes in crude, natural gas, coal, LPG and condensates and the impact on chemical production in global markets
  • Changes in the global oil markets
  • Impact of shale on world feedstocks
  • Petroleum product demand, refinery rationalisation and impact of petrochemical feedstocks
  • Changes in the global NGL and LPG markets
  • Introduction to petrochemical value chain
  • Petrochemicals production process in crackers, refineries and on-purpose production
  • Key chemical building blocks — olefins and aromatics
  • Largest derivatives, their applications and demand drivers

Networking refreshments
  • Changing feedstock slates and the impact on chemical markets
  • Impact of shale in the US
  • Impact of coal in China
  • Global impact of LPG supply
  • Evolution of traditional naphtha crackers in Asia and Europe
  • Natural gas supply and chemical investment in the Mideast Gulf
12.50  Questions and answers
13.00  Lunch
14.00 Afternoon session: Olefins and aromatics deep dive
  • Olefins: ethylene, propylene and butadiene
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Global production slate and effect of lighter feeds
  • Consumption markets
  • Logistics and trade
  • Market overview
  • Feedstock evolution: Naphtha, ethane, LPG, coal and methanol
  • On-purpose production economics and feedstock flexibility
  • A drill-down into China’s coal-to-olefins and methanol-to-olefins investments and impact on the ethylene market
  • A close look at PDH-based propylene production and economics
15:35 Questions and answers
15.45 Networking refreshments
  • Basic chemistry and importance of aromatics – benzene, toluene and xylenes
  • Gasoline markets, blend values and impact on aromatics production and pricing
  • Aromatics pricing fundamentals
  • Benzene and derivatives
  • Styrene market overview
  • Paraxylene and downstream market overview
  • Global aromatics trade flows
  • Intermediates, derivatives and end markets/industries
  • Q+A Session

Round up – summary and conclusions

17.45  Closing remarks and end of training