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Battery Conference | 27 — 28 February 2018

Rechargeable batteries continue to dominate and drive the base metals market but there is uncertainty whether existing lithium resources can meet rapid growth in demand. Unanswered questions about the future of lithium supply has prompted us to introduce the Battery Conference to the Argus Metals Week line-up.

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NiCoMo SnWTa

Battery Conference — working agenda:

Tuesday 27 February | Battery Conference Day One

09:15 Registration and Morning Coffee
10:15 Producer's Welcome
10:20 Chairperson's Welcome

Nicole Willing,
Minor Metals Editor, Argus

Lithium-ion Raw Materials 


Overview of the Rechargeable Battery Industry

  • The current state of the battery market: Lead acid, Li-ion, NMH, NiCd, production and application
  • The prospects for the future
  • Forecasts and opportunities?
Mark Seddon, Senior Manager, Consulting (Metals), Argus

Morning Networking Break


Improving Safety Characteristics and Energy Storage Performances of LiCoO2 Cathode Materials

  • Current production of lithium
  • Planned expansions from existing producers
  • Different paths for improving  LiCoO2 cathode performance
  • Are there sufficient lithium units to meet demand?
  • Future prospects and outlook
Hakim Faqir, Research and Developmet Hydrometallurgy Deputy Director, Managem Group

Bacanora Minerals Lithium Project Case Study

  • Project update and overview: Current supply outlook
  • Electric vehicles to grid storage: Demand trends per kilowatt
  • Market prospect and predictions
Janet Boyce, Chief Financial Officer, Bacanora Minerals 
 13:00 Networking Lunch

Chvaletice Manganese Project Case Study: Potential New Source of High-Purity Manganese Products in the Heart of Europe

  • Project overview, plans and strategic significance
  • Analysing the effect of new manganese sources on the battery industry
  • Outlook and prospect
Marco Romero, President and Chief Executive Officer, Euro Manganese

Assessing Market Drivers for Redox Batteries

  • Supply and demand landscape for vanadium
  • Vanadium exports and imports in China, South Africa and Brazil
  • Analysing capital, operation and long-term costs of Li-ion vs vanadium batteries
  • Are vanadium batteries a more energy efficient choice than lithium? Or is the price simply too high?
Mikhail Nikomarov, Chief Executive Officer, Bushveld Minerals
15:50 Afternoon Coffee Break

Panel Discussion: Does the Growth of Li-ion Batteries Spell the End of NiCd, NiMH, Lead-Acid Batteries?

  • What is the current position?
  • How will the markets evolve? 
  • Outlook and future prospect
Christopher Ecclestone, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Alix Resources
Bert Witkamp, Project Co-ordinator, EAFO

Closing Remarks and End of Day One

Nicole Willing, Minor Metals Editor, Argus
17:10   Networking Battery Drinks Reception

Wednesday 28 February | Battery Conference Day Two

09:15 Registration and Morning Coffee
 10:00 Chairperson's Recap

Nicole Willing
, Minor Metals Editor, Argus

Demand for Rechargeable Batteries


Batteries for Energy Storage

  • Grid storage, what the power companies are trying to achieve
  • Domestic storage and smart grids
  • An overview of the competing technologies, including Li-ion, Zinc, Lead-acid, NAS, NaNiCl, Redox, NiCd, LiB
  • Assessing zinc batteries as a more cost-competitive  option to lithium 
  • Examining use cases for zinc batteries in China
  • Availability of zinc in line with pricing and demand
Christopher Ecclestone, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Alix Resources 

Electric Vehicles Driving Growth

  • Assessing Li-ion battery demand for Hybrid, PHEV, EV and electric bikes
  • Commercial and domestic vehicle applications
  • Driving battery performance: Reducing charging time, Increasing lifespan and range
  • Aligning weight, with capacity and performance 

Bert Witkamp, Project Coordinator, EAFO

11:15  Networking Break

Assessing the Current Situation and Development Trend of the Global LiPF6 Industry

  • Consumer electronics as a major application for LiPF6
  • Global output of lithium battery electrolyte
  • Electrolytes growth and demand
Angela Lee, Manager of Overseas Department, Do-Fluoride Chemicals Co
12:15  Chairperson's Closing Remarks and End of Battery Conference
 Nicole Willing, Minor Metals Editor, Argus
12:30 Networking Lunch Break


Metals Networking Dinner

Argus will be hosting an exclusive dinner to bring together our NiCoMo, Battery and SnWTa attendees in a unique networking event. You are welcome to join this dinner on a complimentary basis, however spaces are limited so please do let us know ASAP if you would like to join the dinner.

Information Register by Friday 15 December and save up to $350 / €350 / £300

We continue to expand on the agenda for the Battery Conference. If you are interested in speaking or want to suggest a topic, please contact Tonika Campbell, Conference Producer:

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