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Argus Metals Week 2017

NiCoMo conference — 7- 8 March 2017

Honing in on Nickel, Cobalt and Molybdenum as its primary focus and covering themes such as: Stainless Steel, Superalloys, Supply and Demand, Pricing, Financial Contingency and Global Economics — this conference is a must-attend event for respective metals professionals. Featuring roundtables, panel discussions and presentations from experts in mining, production, manufacturing, recycling and trading, there are plenty of opportunities to maximise your learning and networking experience

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Battery Tungsten


NiCoMo Conference Agenda

NiCoMo Day 1

08:00  Opening and Registration

Chairman’s Welcoming Address

Nigel Tunna, Vice President Business Development, Argus
09.30 Challenges to World Trade: Assessing the Current NiCoMo Market
  • Post Brexit, oil price volatility and developments in the Chinese market: Market overview, current strains and future opportunities 
  • Global supply and demand opportunities
  • Trans-pacific partnerships: What does this mean for world trade?
  • “Not hedging risk but actual risk”: How is risk being measured in the market 
Barry Jackson, Market Intelligence Manager, Anglo American
10.00 Purchasing in Low Commodity Market Places
  • Supply security and contingency planning in the market
  • Identifying strategies to address disruption and supply reduction
  • Avoiding exposure to price increases
Stephen Ciccalone, Commodity Manager, United Technologies Corporation
Morning Networking Coffee Break
11:00 Speed Networking Session
11.15 Examining Cobalt Supply and Demand in the Market
  • Assessing options for pricing models
  • Analysing trading average price options
  • Identifying opportunities and addressing challenges in the cobalt market place
  • Examining future prospects and what this means for price forecasting
Euan Sadden, Consultant, Argus
Assessing the Commodity Market: A Business Continuity Plan
  • Improving pricing realisation: Getting the best prices of the sheer value for nickel
  • Managing budgets: Cost conscious practices whilst differing performance
  • Managing working capital requirements: Decreasing inventory to increase capital
Denis Sharypin, Head of Market Research, Norilsk Nickel

Networking Lunch

As a new addition to this conference, you can now select sessions or the track most of interest to you and your business ventures. Allowing you and your colleagues to assess and analyse industry prospects, markets and topical drivers in more detail alongside meeting high calibre industry professionals in the respective markets.


 Track A: Superalloys  Track B: Stainless Steel
 13:45 Metals in the Aerospace Industry
  • Superalloys and aerospace: A customers needs
  • Aerospace and scrap
  • Future needs of the aerospace industry
  • The needs of future metals related to carbon metals and superalloys
Samantha Veiga, Strategic Sourcing Specialist – Mill Products, Pratt & Whitney
Reaching New Customers through Technology
  • Possible FeCr products and usage, created by refining and granulation
  • Granulated FeNi; a world leading product that just got better
  • Converter refining of FeMn made efficient by the use of superheated steam
Per Vesterberg, Head of Sales, UHT
Höganäs’ Automotive Case Study: Supply Chains in the Automotive Sector
  • Sourcing strategies and challenges
  • Handling pricing mechanisms in a supply chain containing metals
  • Cross industry performance and perspective: Personal analysis and supplier relationship management
  • Best practice for buyers in the metals industry
  • Purchasing in low commodity markets
Hakan Hellberg, Strategic Purchaser of Non Ferrous Metals & Ferroalloys - Europe Region, Hoganas

Addressing the Interaction of the Steel and Nickel Markets
  • Nickel procurement for stainless steel 
  • Assessing the future prospects of the economics and how they will develop
  • Challenging the downturn and how a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Ferronickel as a substitute for stainless scrap: Future prospects and outlook
  • Is stainless steel recycling still viable at current nickel prices? 
Stephen Portnoi, Head of Sales and Marketing, Cunico Marketing FZE
Growth Opportunities and Challenges for Supply to the Superalloy Industry
  • Key factors affecting market dynamics: Drivers and challenges in the market
  • Business risks and threats to this market
  • Emerging trends in this market and reasons behind them
  • Changing supply demands in the market
Stephen Hall, Managing Director, Advanced Alloy Services
Global Outlook of Chrome and Ferrochrome
  • Production and trade
  • Major production regions
  • Future outlook in chrome and ferro-chrome
Philippe Richard, Secretary General, International Chromium Development Association
15.15 Afternoon Networking Coffee Break
Chrome Metal for Aerospace Applications
  • New developments in the market: What is leading these new developments?
  • High strength nickel-based superalloys at cutting temperatures limiting speed capability
  • Low thermal conductivity of alloy transfers 
  • Tool tip temperatures and excessive tool wear
  • Abrasive intermetallic compounds and carbides alloys
Yoran Guenegou, Sales and Marketing Director, DCX Chrome – Delachaux
BSH Case Study on Appliance Recycling: A Manufacturers Review
  • Assessing recycling components and processes within washing machines
  • What does appliance recycling gives to the scrap market?
  • Discussing the value of recycled materials in the market
  • What are the key elements and what are does this mean for value?
  • Analysing the recycling value chain: Beginning with a scrapped appliance
Christian Dworak, Specialist Product Related Environmental Protection, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
 16:30 Superalloys Panel Discussion
  • Staying competitive in the current market place
  • China’s old and new capacity: The impact of the stainless steel market
  • Discussing the effects of volatile markets for the entire supply chain
Michael Haw, General Manager Chrome, AMG Superalloys UK Limited
Tony Southgate
, Cobalt Trader, Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners
Stainless Steel Recycling and the Scrap Market: What Does this Mean for Supply
  • Assessing the demand in moly subsequent to nickel prices
  • Scrap in the consistency of steel and stainless steel demand 
  • Demand increase in prime molybdenum and scrap availability
  • Steel production and purchasing raw materials
  • Scrap trends in light of the nickel prices and the impact on scrap prices
  • Future increase in demand of stainless steel through scrap
Anil Shah, President, Ni-Met Metals Inc

Chairman’s Closing Speech and End of NiCoMo Conference Day 1

Nigel Tunna, Vice President Business Development, Argus
 17.15 Skyscraper Drinks Reception for All Attendees
Join your colleagues for some informal drinks and a nibble – this is your opportunity to cement new relationships and to catch up with old friends in the sector.

NiCoMo Day 2

08:00  Opening and Regsitration

Chairman’s Recap and Welcoming Address

Nigel Tunna, Vice President Business Development, Argus

 09.30 Keynote Huayou Cobalt Case Study Presentation: The Due Diligence Practices of Huayou Cobalt in Responsible Cobalt Supply Chain
  • Background
  • Awareness increasing
  • Internal practices
  • External practices
  • Case study: Right Child Labor Response
Bryce Lee, Director of CSR and Raw Material Procurement VM, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
10.00 A Reflection of Chrome in the Indian Market
  • Examining the chrome market: market growth and prospects
  • Assessing chrome usage in India
  • Addressing challenges in chrome in India and nationally
Ashish Saraf, Chairman & Managing Director, FACOR

Molybdenum: Supply and Demand Market Overview
  • Addressing over-supply out of china and future global concerns
  • Increasing competition and market volatility 
  • Volatility: Diversifying market focus to reduce exposure 
  • Over-supply and the impact on the entirety of the supply chain
  • Low demand, over supply and market prices
Barbara Buck, Vice President, Climax Molybdenum Company

11:00 Morning Networking Coffee Break
11.45 Nickel, Cobalt and Molybdenum: Catalysts
  • Use of nickel, cobalt and molybdenum in catalysts for petroleum refining 
  • Changing requirements for petroleum refining catalysts 
  • What affect will this have on the metals consumption for catalysts? 
  • Procurement strategies for specialty metals used in catalysts 
Bent Laine Larsen, Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager, Haldor Topsoe A/S

Molybdenum Panel Discussion: A Place in the World Economy
  • Price drops in oil, gas and copper: How is the industry coping?
  • How will molybdenum be affected by the global economy in the future?
  • How are special stainless steel products driving moly usage?
  • Molybdenum price: 2016 trends and how this affects the outlook for 2017
Andreas Keller, Vice President, Scandinavian Steel AB
Ran Maimon, Director, THH Molyprocessing Co 
Daniel Katz, Senior Vice-President, Traxys North America
Martin Stepper, Head of Nobel-Alloys, Thyssenkrupp Raw Materials

Networking Lunch

14:00 Raw Battery Materials: Lithium, Graphite, Cobalt
  • Update on resources developments
  • Processing and Implications: Innovations
  • Outlook supply scenario from primary sources
Reiner Haus, Managing Director, Dorfner Anzaplan

 14:30 A Battery Panel Discussion: Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel and Manganese
  • Trends and demand drivers
  • Price outlook for battery metals 
  • Potential threats that may weigh on future demand
Reiner Haus, Managing Director, Dorfner Anzaplan
Dirk Uytdewilligen, Partner, Speciality Metal Resources

Afternoon Networking Coffee Break 

Roundtable Discussions

These roundtables offer you the chance to join the group of your choice and to be led in discussion by an industry leader in that sector. This is an ideal opportunity to ease into the more informal networking of the evening, enjoying a drink while you meet delegates with similar interests and concerns. 

The conference team will be in touch with you in the run up to the conference to ask you to select the table of your choice – or if you’d like to suggest a topic/leader for a discussion then contact

Roundtable title 1: Base Metals
Sascha Ewert, Sales Director, ThyssenKrupp Raw Materials GmbH

Roundtable title 2: Alloys and Ores
Stephen Hall, Managing Director, Advance Alloy Services

Roundtable title 3: Superalloys 

Tony Southgate, Cobalt Trader, Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners

Roundtable title 4: Li-ion
Richard Seville, Managing Director, Orocobre
Andrew Barber, Investor Relations Manager, Orocobre

Roundtable title 5: Scrap and Recycling
Padmanabhan Mony, Trader, Krome Commodities

16.45 Chairman’s Closing Speech

Nigel Tunna
, Vice President Business Development, Argus

End of NiCoMo Conference and Tungsten-Tantalum Ice Breaker Drinks Reception

Join your fellow industry experts for an evening of hospitality, giving you the chance to discuss the day’s presentations in an informal and relaxed setting.


Contact Tonika Campbell, Conference Producer, to suggest a topic or be considered as a speaker:

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