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Argus Metals Week 2017

Tantalum Summit — 9 March 2017

Explore Tantalum market outlooks with presentations on market stability, the supply / demand balance, new Tantalum applications as well as recycling and scrap. This event also features a Responsible Sourcing Panel discussion to address a growing concern and point of precaution among industry peers. Co-located with the Tungsten Summit, attendees at both events will share an afternoon coffee break and drinks reception.

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Battery NiCoMo


Topics on the Tantalum Summit agenda include:

 08:40 Opening and Registration
09.40 Chairman's Opening Address

Nigel Tunna, Vice President Business Development, Argus
A Global Outlook of Tantalum
  • Consumer market overview
  • The supply and demand balance
  • Assessing market opportunities across industry sectors and market places
  • Tantalum: Forecasting future growth areas
Daniel F. Persico Ph.D., Senior Vice President, NEC Tokin Corporation
 10.30 Co-located Tantalum-Tungsten speed networking sessions and morning break 
Market Stability and Supply and Demand Balance
  • Assessing current price stability and future prospects
  • Closures and new mine developments
  • Examining the effects of supply and demand balance in line with global economic conditions
Polina Sparks, Analysis Editor, Argus

New Tantalum Applications: Beyond Electronics

  • Examining new market developments to assess future opportunity
  • Global requirements of tantalum: the effect on supply and demand balance alongside the wider market focus
  • Assessing the industry: Progression and forecasting for the next 6 months
  • Casting a wider market net: New developments related to tantalum and niobium
Melanie Stenzel, Director Marketing and New Business Development, HC Stark
12.15 Tantalum Applications: Tantalum Powder Usage for Capacitors
  • Analysing the global scale: Growth in customer demands for high capacity powder
  • High range, nano-scale powder and its capacity in the use of capacitors
  • The demand in the market: The methodology of the structured materials
  • Highlighting the advantages of the usage of the product in the current manufacturing climate
Xiao Yong Yan, Director, Auyong Advanced Materials Technology


Co-Located Tungsten Networking Lunch


Tantalum Recycling and Scrap

  • Electron beam melting route and its place in the material loop
  • Assessing the drivers behind tantalum recycling
  • Recycling, scrap and upgrading: Increasing ROI through upgrading
  • Examining how tantalum recycling can drive market price
  • Creating market opportunity through recycling
Jochen Flinspach, Product Manager, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
Assessing and Addressing Challenges of Trading Tantalum
  • Ensuring that African material is conflict free, and the requirements of trading this material
  • Reviewing recent thefts of tantalum and how to ensure you are purchasing legitimate material
  • An overview of the tantalum industry and prices
William Millman, Managing Director, Mines, Minerals, Metals & Markets
 15.15 Co-Located Tungsten Networking Afternoon Break
Co-located with Tungsten Session - Dynamics of the European Market: Tungsten Usage
  • The European market from a raw materials perspective
  • What is the outlook for usage of concentrate and producers of oxide in China
  • Requirements of tantalum and tungsten consumption and requirement for supply
  • Applications of the market: How tungsten and tantalum drive the market separately
Quentin Lamarche, Trader, Specialty Metals Resources S.A.
Co-Located with Tungsten Forum: Responsible Sourcing Panel Discussion
  • Production in the DRC: How can we minimise exploitation?
  • Assessing the conflict free sourcing initiative
  • How can we ensure cost efficiency and overcome financial challenges associated with due diligence
  • What does lithium increasing for battery demand mean for this market place?
  • New mine development and production

Panel Chair: Benjamin Clair, Managing Director, Better Sourcing Program

Leah Butler, CFSI Program Director, EICC
Lewis Black, Managing Director, Almonty
Dragan Kilibarda, Trader, TMT Metals AG
William Millman, Responsible Sourcing Consultant, AVX Corporation
Jim McCombie, Trader, Stapleford Trading
Maarten Gassmann, Trader, Grondmet GmbH & Co KG


Chairman's Closing Remarks and Close of Tantalum Conference

Nigel Tunna, Vice President Business Development, Argus


If you are interested in speaking or want to suggest a topic for the Tantalum Summit, please contact Tonika Campbell, Conference Producer:

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