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Argus FMB East Europe Fertilizer 2017


 Wednesday 21 June  
09.00 - 17.00  Registration and Exhibition Opens
17.00 - 18.00

Round Table Discussions 

Hear and share experiences from across the fertilizer supply chain with during focussed discussions on a topic most important to you. A great way to generate new ideas and meet potential new clients, partners or suppliers.

    • Improving agricultural production with a multi-fertilization approach - Robert Meakin, Research and Development Director, Sirius Minerals
    • Will NPK consumption continue to rise? How are producers responding? - Mounir Halim, Business Development, Fertilizer, Argus
    • What are the benefits of incorporating micronutrients for optimizing crop yields? - Kevin Moran, Chief Technology Officer, Kingenta
    • What logistical challenges are posed by the Danube? - Manfred Seitz, General Secretary,  Pro Danube International
    • Optimising your fertilizer strategy by adopting a technology-led approach - Robbert Ausems, International Sales Manager, SoilCares
    • Exploring local trends in the Hungarian fertilizer market
    • Will developments in the global phosphates market have a regional impact?

18.30 - 20.30

Opening Drinks Reception

Thursday 22 June  
 8.30 Registration and Exhibition Opens

Global Market Trends and Impact on Trade Flows in East Europe


Chair's Opening Remarks


Regional Fertilizer Developments and Changes in Trade Flows

  • Developments in Russian production and export volumes
  • Regional nitrogen capacity expansion
  • Update on Black Sea trade flows

Bede Heren, Editor, Fertilizer Europe, Argus

 10.00 Agricultural Production Trends in East Europe
  • How are crop production trends evolving?
  • Outlook towards 2026 and insights into recent trade studies
  • Ongoing policy developments
Koen Mondelaers, Socio-Economic Analyst, DG Agriculture and Rural Development - ‎European Commission

Prospects for the Fertilizer Market in Hungary

  • Fertilizer production and consumption trends
  • Production and current application of major nutrients
  • Meeting domestic demand versus export volumes

Dr. Csongor Kiss, Head of Fertilizer Consultancy and Experiments, Nitrogénművek Zrt.
11.00 Coffee Break

International and Regional Perspectives on the NPK Market

  • Global overview of production and trade flows
  • Regional trends and consumption in key markets
Matt Neave, Manager Consulting Services, Argus

Developments in the Turkish Market and Impact in the Region

  • Update on trade flows
  • New regulations on CAN
  • Impact on AN on local consumption and export market
Hakan Göral, General Manager, Toros Agri 
 12.30  Outlook for Fertilizer Consumption and Distribution in Poland
  • Current agricultural outputs and fertilizer demand
  • Meeting demand with domestic a robust distribution network
  • Market structure and means of transportation        
Grazyna Smolenska, Managing Director, Caldena
13.00 Lunch

Growth Potential in the Romanian Market – Challenges and Opportunities

  • Characteristics, market structure of agriculture in Romania
  • Assessing fertilizer requirements and application trends
  • Distribution of N, P and K and complex fertilizers
Cristian Dinu, Category Manager - Fertilizers, Agricover

Current Situation and Future Expectations for Fertilizer Market in Bulgaria

  • Crop distribution and fertilization rates
  • Locally produced fertilizers versus imports
  • Increased focus on balanced fertilization
15.00  Break

Panel: Farmer Perspectives on Fertilizer Developments: Addressing Commercial and Practical Needs

  • Access to financing - who is financing the farmers?
  • Agronomic know-how: how is this being communicated and implemented?
  • Developments in balanced fertilization to maximise yields

Alo Alt, Purchase Manager, Farmers Cooperative KEVILI
Max Schulman, Chairman, Copa-Cogeca Cereals Working Party


Infrastructure and Policy Update on the Danube and Issues Impacting on Fertilizer Logistics 

  • Addressing constraints hampering on time fertilizer delivery
  • Port of Constanta and its role as a regional transportation hub
  • Plans for investment in infrastructure – including the Danube and extensive waterways across East Europe
Manfred Seitz, General Secretary,  Pro Danube International

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Transportation Network in East Europe

  • The challenges in the transportation network in the region for distribution of fertilizers 
  • Specific logistical issues relating to the Danube and inland waterways 
  • To what extent can the existing infrastructure support increased demand?

Bojan Laskovic, Chartering Manager, CFND Logistics

 17.00  Chairperson's Closing Remarks
Friday 23 June  
8.30 Registration and Exhibition Opens

Chair's Opening Remarks
Matt Neave,
Manager Consulting Services, Argus

10.00  Regional Supply and Demand Trends – Steady Market or Opportunities Ahead?
  • Assessing the volumes of imports vs domestic production
  • Distribution to end users – assessing ports and inland transportation
  • NPK consumption developments in the region
Maria Bezzubova, Director for Marketing, Strategic Analysis and Planning, OSTCHEM
Foliar SOP for Yield and Quality Improvement in Field Crops
  • Foliar SOP compliments soil fertilization
  • Improves both yield and quality
  • Cost-effective for growers
Nicolas White, Marketing Director, Tessenderlo
11.00 Coffee Break

The Benefits of Urea Plus Elemental Sulphur Fertilizer

  • Why an energy company developed the technology?
  • Technical challenges during the development process
  • agronomic benefits and commercial opportunities that the product offers
Martin Lloyd, EU and Africa Region Sulphur Business Manager, Shell

Micronutrient Global Trends and Regional Applications

  • Global update on the micronutrients supply and demand landscape
  • Addressing crop specific requirements and benefits of incorporating micronutrients
  • Leveraging agronomic expertise to maximise crop yield and achieve cost-efficiencies in East Europe

Kevin Moran, Chief Technology Officer, Kingenta


Secondary and Trace Elements and their Influence on Plant Vitality and Health

  • Assessing the agronomic and commercial benefits
  • Examining current application of secondary and trace elements in East Europe
  • Communicating the advantages to end users

Rene Verdaasdonk, Managing Director, Lebosol  
13.00 Chairperson's closing remarks
Matt NeaveManager Consulting Services, Argus
13.10  End of conference

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17.30 End of presentations 
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12.30  End of presentations 

Outlook for Fertilizer Consumption and Distribution in Poland

  • Current agricultural outputs and fertilizer demand
  • Meeting demand with domestic distribution
  • Market structure and means of transportation                                    
Grazyna Smolenska, Managing Director, Caldena

Outlook for Fertilizer Consumption and Distribution in Poland

  • Current agricultural outputs and fertilizer demand
  • Meeting demand with domestic distribution
  • Market structure and means of transportation                                    
Grazyna Smolenska, Managing Director, Caldena

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"My aim to be here has been to make many contacts from the fertilizer industry. It has definitely been a good opportunity to find all the right contacts at the same time for me and my company. I will attend again." Bekir Erbekar, Marketing Manager, Cesur Packaging, Turkey

"This is a great conference." 
- Aleksandr Eliseev, Marketing, K-Potash Service

"This is the first time we’ve been at the FMB East Europe conference. Our stand is in a good location which has enabled us to have a good platform to meet Eastern European contacts. Much easier to be here and than travel around Europe." 
Ajay Sharma, Manager – Exports, Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem, India

"The conference is  a good base for producers/ traders. It offers a great platform for machinery suppliers to meet a broad range of people. The round tables were very interesting, people share knowledge a lot more freely and it provided good market insight. I will attend the round tables again."
-  Marc Doerffer, Project Manager, Maschinenfabrik Köppern, Germany