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Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer 2017


 Wednesday 18 October  


Registration and Coffee

Exhibition Open

09.50 - 15.00

Choose from 3 Specialist Sessions  - Separately bookable

  1. Micronutrients Forum – Get the technical and commercial insights you need to take a share of this growing market
  2. Fertilizer Fast Track Seminar – An essential guide to market fundamentals, production, trade and demand dynamics

View details about specialist sessions agenda here

15.30 - 16.30 Speed Networking 
Make up to 30 new connections in an hour during this high impact session! Bring plenty of business cards and be prepared for 2 minute conversations before the bell rings and you meet someone new. You will have plenty of time during the rest of the conference to follow up with valuable new contacts. All delegates welcome!
16.30 - 17.30

Roundtable Discussions - RSVP only

  1. Nitrogen markets: Developments in production capacity and global trade flows
  2. Trends in the potash market: Current trade dynamics in Europe - Led by Ewan Thomson, Editor, Potash, Argus
  3. Exploring opportunities in the biostimulants market in Europe
  4. Views from a FMCG manufacturer on sustainability, consumer concerns and fertilizer use - Mark Pettigrew, Former Agricultural Sustainability Manager, PepsiCo
  5. Innovative approaches to balanced nutrition - Rolf Haerdter, Head of Global Agronomic Services, K+S
  6. Effective methods of incorporating and applying of micronutrients
  7. Africa Trades and Potential; Impact on global trade - Led by Mounir Halim, Business Development, Fertilizers, Argus 
  8. NPK Global and European trade dynamics and changes - Led by Mike Nash, Editor, Phosphates, Argus
  9. The French fertilizer market - From commodities to specialised fertilizers - Gilles Poidevin, General Manager, UNIFA

Cocktail Party 

Thursday 19 October  
 08.30 Registration, Coffee Served and Exhibition Stands Open  
 09.20 Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Frances Wollmer, Principal Consultant, Fertilizers, Argus

Global Nitrogen Market: Production Trends and Effect on Trade Dynamics

How the Fertilizer Industry Can Innovate and Contribute New Agricultural Solutions
Terje Bakken, Managing Director, Head of Marketing and Sales Division, Eurochem
 10.30 Latest Update on EU Regulations and Impact on the Fertilizer Sector
Eric Liegeois, Team Leader Fertilisers, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission (via video link)
11.00 Coffee Break

Agricultural Production Trends in Europe and Impact on Demand for Farm Inputs Including Fertilizers
Matthijs Mondria, Managing Director, Global Sector Head Farm Inputs, Rabobank

12.10 View from a FMCG Manufacturer on Evolving Fertilizer Use and Sustainability Issues
Mark Pettigrew,
Former Agricultural Sustainability Manager, PepsiCo
 12.40  Multi Nutrient Fertilizers Supporting the Challenges of Global Agriculture
  • Acknowledgment and trends of multi nutrient fertilizers in the European market
  • Efficient and effective fertilizer practices, the growing importance of balanced fertilization
  • Promoting productive and sustainable agriculture
Chris Fraser, CEO, Sirius
13.00 Networking Lunch

Markets and Trade Track

 Innovation and R&D Track

14.25 Chairs Opening Remarks 14.25 Chairs Opening Remarks

14.30 Farmer Perspectives Panel: Views on Fertilizer Developments and Current Challenges

  • How is agronomic know-how being communicated to farmers
  • Approaches to balanced fertilization to maximise yields
  • Practical considerations for farmers relating to fertilizer use
Panelists include:
Max Schulman, Chairman, Copa-Cogeca Cereals Working Party
Tiffanie Stephani, Agriculture and Environment Manager, Fertilizers Europe

14.30 Innovative Products and Strategies to Maximize Crop Output
  • Developing eco-friendly solutions to improve nitrogen use efficiency
  • Assessing outcomes of field trials of new products on plant quality and yield
Jean Charles Djelalian, Global Fertilizer Director, Solvay

15.00 Fertilizer Trade, Demand and Distribution in the Mediterranean
  • Regional soil deficiencies and crop requirements
  • Distribution channels for blended fertilizers
Nicolas Broutin, Commercial Director Mediterranean, Yara Crop Nutrition
15.00 Optimising Soil Health - The Key to Sustainable Food Production
  •          Science based solutions to enhance soil fertility and crop nutrition
  •          Improving crop yield and quality while monitoring the environmental impact of food production
Stephanie Race, CEO, Crop Performance Ltd.
15.30 Update on Fertilizer Consumption in Southern Europe 
  • Analysis of crop requirements and fertilizer consumption
  • Future trends in the Spanish fertilizer sector
Paloma Pérez, General Secretary, Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Fertilizantes (ANFFE)
15.30 Novel Additives for Enhanced Fertilizer Formulations
  • Effects of innovative surfactants & rheology modifiers on fertilizer properties
  • Solutions for improving application properties of fertilizer systems
Daniel Zweifel, Technical Manager, Dow Crop Defense EMEAI
 16.00 Coffee Break
16.00 Coffee Break
16.30 Assessing Regional Trends and the Growing Use of Specialties in South East Europe
  • Regional supply hubs and trade flows
  • Responding to crop requirements with specialty fertilizers
  • Why the use of specialty fertilizers is on the rise in South East Europe
Milorad Perčić, Manager, Fertilizers and Raw Materials Procurement, Elixir Group
16.30 Technical and Commercial Benefits of Applying Water Soluble Fertilizers
  • Latest innovations in water soluble fertilizers
  • Increasing fertilizer use efficiency with micro irrigation and fertigation
Eran Barak, Independent Consultant and former Director Product Development & Technology, ICL Specialty Fertilizers

17.00 Developments in the Turkish Fertilizer Sector

  • Market drivers and demand dynamics
  • Regulatory updates and impact on fertilizer trade
  • Incorporating new specialty products to improve agricultural output
Mesud Şenkardeşler, Deputy General Manager, Gübretaş

17.00  The Use of Coatings to Improve Fertilizer Efficiency
  • Types of coatings and functions
  • Application techniques and advantages
Erik van Kaathoven, CEO, Ekompany
 17.30 Chair's closing remarks and end of presentations 
17.30 Chair's closing remarks and end of presentations 
 18.30 Cocktail party
Friday 20 October  
08.30 Registration, Coffee and Exhibition Stands Open  

Markets and Trade Track

Innovation and R&D Track

09.20 Chair's Opening Remarks 

09.20 Chair's Opening Remarks

09.30 Global Agriculture in the Next Decade: Perspectives from the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026

Koen Deconinck, Economist, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

09.30 The Marriage of Fertilizers and Microbials
  • Assessing macro drivers contributing to increased focus on microbial solutions
  • The role of microbials in plant health and productivity
  • Practical examples of integrating biologicals with synthetic fertilizers
Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO, BioConsortia
10.00 Discussion Panel: How will Brexit and a Shifting Political Landscape in Europe Affect the Sector?
  • Impact on agricultural production and fertilizer trade
  • Affect of changing tariff schedules and farm economics post-Brexit
Panelists include:
Sean Mackle, Trade and Economic Director, Fertilizers Europe
Bede Heren,
Editor, Fertilizer Europe, Argus
10.00 Plant Biostimulants for Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency and Crop Performance
  • Components of nutrient use efficiency and how they contribute to crop performance
  • How biostimulants action on the plant and in the soil can contribute to nutrient use efficiency
  • Addressing the interactions between fertilizers and biostimulants for enhanced crop performance
Patrick du Jardin, Professor and Head of Laboratory, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Université de Liège

10.30 Iran Fertilizer Market, Potentials and Outlook

  • Production trends and expanding export markets
  • Domestic consumption trends

Mohammad Ali VadikheilCEO and Technology Adviser, Phoenix Vision
10.30 The Role of Magnesium Fertilizers in Maximising Crop Yields and Enhancing Quality
  • The crucial role of magnesium for various metabolic processes
  • Assessing outcomes of field trials on specific crops
Rolf Haerdter, Head of Global Agronomic Services, K+S

11.00 Coffee Break

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 The Paradigm Shift in Phosphate Markets

Ayed Al-Mutairi,
VP Strategy, Planning & Business Development, Ma'aden
11.30 The Agronomic Benefits of Multi-Nutrient Fertilizers
  • Evaluating the added value of multi-nutrient fertilizers in crop quality and disease management
  • Demonstrating the sustainable characteristics and balanced nutrition approach to fertilization
Robert Meakin, Research and Development Director, Sirius Minerals
12.00 Assessing the NPKs Supply and Demand Balance Globally and Outlook for Europe
  • Global overview of production and trade flows
  • European trends and consumption in key markets
12.00 Incorporating Value Add and Sustainable Products for Improved Crop Growth
  • Natural and sustainable complex micronutrients
  • Developing effective soil conditioner for improved crops growth
  • New solutions for phosphate fixation and liberation in the soil
Oscar Coll, Regional Agro Sales Manager, Borregaard Ibérica
12.30 Chair's closing remarks and end of presentations 
12.30 Chair's closing remarks and end of presentations 

12.40 - 14.30 Lunch

14.30 End of conference  

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17.30 End of presentations 
17.30 End of presentations 
17.30 End of presentations 
12.30  End of presentations 
12.30  End of presentations 
12.30  End of presentations 
12.30  End of presentations 
12.30  End of presentations
12.30  End of presentations

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