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Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer 2017

New for 2017

Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer offers more options to enhance your conference experience and more opportunities to gain the latest practical insight and take your share of growth markets in Europe.

On Wednesday 18 October, conference attendees can choose from 2 specialist sessions to attend in addition to the main conference activities. Sessions on 18 October are separately bookable and places are
limited – simply select your option when registering online here. Please note that these sessions can only be booked by conference delegates.

Choose from one of two specialist sessions

  1. Micronutrients Forum
  2. Fertilizer Fast Track Seminar

1. Micronutrients Forum

This session will offer all the technical and commercial insights you need to take a share of this growing market.
Price: conference rate + €550 +21% VAT

08.30 - 09.00
Registration and Coffee
Chair’s Opening Remarks
Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus 
Changing Dynamics in the Global Micronutrients Market 
  • Growth drivers of micronutrient use globally 
  • Adaptability of micronutrient routes to market
Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus
Demand Trends in European Micronutrient Fertilizers
  • A look at micronutrient deficiencies and current application trends
  • Identifying the micronutrient requirements of the major crops produced in Europe
Advantages of Micronutrients and Beneficial Elements on Crop Quality
  • How crops benefit from improved quality (not just yield)
  • Impact of fertilizer application on quality traits and nutrient biofortification
  • Communicating the benefits across the value chain
Hubert Kardasz, President, Intermag 
 11.30  Break
Assessing the Range of Application Methods for Boron 
  • Blending, granulation and compaction 
  • Fertigation and foliar application
  • Evaluating the outcome of field tests
Jordi Bru, Director, Global Market Development – Agriculture, Rio Tinto Borates 
The Growth of Fertigation and Foliar Application
  • Why these techniques are becoming more widely used
  • Exploring innovative approaches to micronutrient application
  • Using suspension concentrate for spraying, coating and seed treatment
Kevin Moran, CTO, Kingenta 
 13.00 Light Lunch served in the Exhibition Area 
14.00  New Coating Technology for Micronutrients
  • The growing role of coatings in micronutrient delivery
  • Types of coatings and agronomic benefits to the plant
 14.30 Chelated Agents as Micronutrients for the Improvement of Crop Yields
  • Importance of chelated agents for micronutrition
  • Key criteria for products selection

Marina Ismael Michen, Market Manager, Crop Defense, Dow

 15.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Micronutrients Forum
Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus

2. Fertilizer Fast Track Seminar

A guide to global fertilizer production, trade and demand dynamics
During this one-day seminar you will gain valuable insight into key markets, the fertilizer value chain, types of contracts of how specific markets operate.

Led by: Matthew Neave, Manager, Consulting, Argus

Price: conference rate + €550 +21% VAT

Registration and Coffee

10.00 – 13.00
  • The Role of Fertilizers in Agriculture - What nutrients do, limiting yield theory, soil mapping, nutrient removal, overview of market size in total and by nutrient
  • Nitrogen Markets - Ammonia and nitrogen production routes, supply/demand fundamentals, price drivers
  • Phosphate Markets - Rock and processed phosphate production routes, supply/demand fundamentals, price drivers
Light Lunch served in the Exhibition Area 

13.30 - 16.15
  • Potash Markets - Potash fertilizer production routes, supply/demand fundamentals, price drivers
  • Sulphur Markets -  Sulphur and acid production fundamentals, sulphur fertilizer production routes, supply/demand fundamentals, price drivers
  • NPKS, Specialty and Value-Add fertilizers - Look at latest market developments, future of the industry
 16.15 -16.30  Final Questions with the Experts

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For more information on the conference agenda or if you are interested in speaking at the Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer conference, please contact Melissa Wong on the details below:

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Quotation marks"Extraordinary opportunity to expand access to critical markets” - Jon Hagler, VP International, AgXplore

Quotation marks “I walk away from this conference with new partnerships and a lot of new opportunities” - Jeff Ivan, VP of International Sales, Yargus Manufacturing