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Argus Oil Pipeline Systems 2018: Focus on Sustainability

Русская версия

Independent energy and commodity price reporting agency Argus invites you to participate in the Argus Oil Pipeline Systems 2018: Focus on Sustainability international conference, which will take place in the Czech capital Prague on 17-18 May 2018.

The event’s general partner is the International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT).

The conference will bring together international experts, scientists and academics to discuss the trends and prospects for pipeline transportation and its role in securing sustainable oil supplies. Participants will also focus on technical solutions and innovation for the oil pipeline industry. 

The programme provides a unique opportunity to visit Mero’s Central Crude Oil Tank Farm at Nelahozeves, one of the biggest such facilities in central Europe, and Unipetrol’s Kralupy refinery.

Key topics of discussion:

  • Logistics of crude supplies to Europe: pipeline projects
  • Quality control in pipeline transportation of variable quality crude 
  • Energy efficiency in oil pipeline transportation 
  • Applying innovative solutions in construction of oil pipelines, including in challenging climates
  • Operating pipeline infrastructure: current challenges and future technologies
  • Technologies for detecting leaks and defects in oil pipeline systems

Registration Register

For more information about the event please contact our conference department:
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We would be grateful if you could take a look at the programme and share your comments or suggestions regarding any other topics that you would like to see covered at the conference.

For more information please contact us on:
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Registration fee for one person:

  • €500 (+ 18% VAT) - Standard conference rate


Delegate package includes:

  • Conference pass to participate in all sessions
  • Networking coffee-breaks and lunch
  • One-day trip to the terminal
  • One set of conference documentation
  • Cocktail reception

Travel, accommodation and visa costs are not included in the conference fee.

General Partner

International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT)

The IAOT is an ambitious international project. It aims to become a platform for key actors dealing with the transport and storage of crude oil and crude oil products. IAOT currently unites nine members and observers from eight different countries.

IAOT Members

MeroMERO ČR, a.s., Czech Republic

The founding Member of the IAOT. MERO ČR was established in 1994. The only shareholder is the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. MERO owns and operates the Czech section of the Druzhba crude oil pipeline (505,7 km) and the IKL crude oil pipeline (374,4 km). It is the only pipeline transporter of crude oil into the Czech Republic and the most important company ensuring storage of strategic emergency stocks of crude oil for the state.

TransneftTRANSNEFT, PJSC, Russia

Transneft, Public Joint Stock Company, was established in 1993 by the Government of the Russian Federation. It provides services in the field of oil and oil products transportation via the trunk pipelines system within Russia and abroad. It operates more than 72.000 km of trunk pipelines and transports around 90% of oil extracted in Russia.

TranspetrolTRANSPETROL, a.s., Slovak Republic

TRANSPETROL, a.s., is the only operator of the oil pipeline system in the Slovak Republic, which measures over 1,000 km. The state owns 100% of the shares of the company. In addition to crude oil transportation, TRANSPETROL, a.s., is also involved in crude oil storage. Alongside the operative storage of crude oil for business partners, its capacity stacks also serve as storage of crude oil for the State Material Reserves.

Gomel DruzhbaJSC „GOMELTRANSNEFT DRUZHBA“, the Republic of Belarus

Gomeltransneft Druzhba was established in 1992 as an independent state enterprise. It transports Russian and Belarusian oil to the JSC Mozyr refinery, provides transportation of Belarusian oil for export and transit of Russian and Kazakh oil to Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It operates almost 2.000 km of pipelines.

MOLMOL, Hungary

MOL Group is an integrated, international oil and gas company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, founded in 1991.

MOL Hungary Pipeline Operation is part of downstream business. MOL Pipeline Operation operates 800 km of crude pipelines and 1350 km of product pipelines.

Its main responsibilities are to transport oil products (including semi-finished products) from the Danube Refinery to the depots, and from/back Duna Refinery and MOL Petchem Tiszaújváros (18 different product and semi-finished products). The Hungarian crude pipeline system is transporting different types of crude oils originated from domestic fields, Russia and the Mediterranean region.

KaztransoilKazTransOil JSC, the Republic of Kazakhstan

KazTransOil was founded in 1997, and is the national operator for the main oil pipeline. The Company operates and maintains over 5.300 km of oil pipelines and over 1.900 km of main waterlines, provieds services on crude oil transportation, and organizes transportation of Kazakh oil via pipeline networks of other states.


On July 27, 1987, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) was reorganized to become an integrated group with business covering oil and gas upstream and downstream operations, as well as oilfield services and engineering construction.

CNPC is China’s largest oil and gas producer and supplier, as well as one of the world’s major oilfield service providers and a globally reputed contractor in engineering construction. With a presence in almost 70 countries, CNPC is seeking an even greater international role. The CNPC’s domestic oil and gas pipelines measured a total length of 77,612 km, consisting of 48,629 km of natural gas pipelines, 18,892 km of crude oil pipelines and 10,091 km of refined product pipelines.


PJSC “Ukrtransnafta” was established pursuant to the resolution of the National Security and Defense Concil of Ukraine and the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 23rd, 2001 №256. PJSC “Ukrtransnafta” comprises the following branches: “Oil-trunk pipelines “Druzhba”, “Prydniprovski oil-trunk pipelines”, “Pivdenni oil-trunk pipelines”. PJSC “Ukrtransnafta” is the national operator that provides services on oil transportation by pipelines to the Ukrainian refineries and its transit to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. PJSC “Ukrtransnafta” operates an extended oil pipeline system with the total length 4767,4 km, including 11 tank-farms with total nominal capacity 1,083 m³, 51 oil pumping stations, marine oil terminal (MOT) “Pivdenny”.



CPC is a major international crude oil transportation project with the participation of Russia, Kazakhstan and leading international oil companies. It was founded in 1992 (restructured in 1996) with the vision of constructing and operating a more than 1.500 km long trunk pipeline. There are currently 11 shareholders in the project.

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