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10th International Conference Argus Oil Products (Russia and CIS) 2017 will be held in March 2017 in Moscow

The annual Argus conference will focus on key events that have had a significant effect on the Russian domestic and export oil product markets in 2016, and present an opportunity to discuss future market developments. The conference is attended by key industry stakeholders: refiners, traders, shipping companies and government officials.


  • Overview and evaluation of the key factors which influence the Russian market in 2017: tax regime new features, regulators’ actions, oil refineries modernization
  • Motor gasoline market changes after the fuel production launch at Taneco oil refinery
  • Legislation effects on wholesale and retail division among different legal entities for the domestic motor fuel market
  • Trading strategy in the Russian oil products market. Professional players experience
  • Jet market present and future. Industry experts assessments and forecasts
  • Overview of oil loading terminals in the northwest region

You can explore these and many other issues by visiting Argus annual conference, a unique platform for meeting leading industry experts and discussing the latest trends in the oil product market.

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