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Argus Monthly Ammonia Outlook

Formerly Argus FMB Monthly Ammonia Outlook 

The Argus Monthly Ammonia Outlook provides a forecast of key prices and physical fundamentals in the ammonia market. 

Presenting forward prices for the next three months and three quarters, it also includes a detailed analysis of developments in major ammonia exporting and consuming regions. A variety of supporting material is also included, such as the latest trade information and an overview of supply changes and new capacity.

Ammonia price forecasts covered

  • Yuzhny fob
  • Middle East fob
  • Tampa cfr
  • North Africa cfr
  • India cfr
  • East Asia cfr

Key Features

  • Forward looking analysis for three months and three quarters 

  • Regional and key market summary, including bull and bear factors 

  • Related markets analysis, including acrylonitrile and caprolactam

  • Regional cost production analysis and plant updates

  • Analysis of recent trade netbacks

  • Capacity changes one year forward

  • Detailed global physical trade balance, three months and three quarters forward, including east/west of Suez balance comparison

Data & Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format.


The report serves those in need of a forward picture of the international ammonia market. Customers include traders, producers, strategists and analysts, as well as suppliers of raw materials or service providers, such as freight.

The report is also used by financial institutions and investment houses, as well as government and non-government organisations.

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