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Argus Monthly Phosphates Outlook

Formerly Argus FMB Monthly Phosphates Outlook

This report delivers a forecast of key prices in the phosphates market. 

Providing forward prices and forecasting trade balances in the major phosphate exporting and consuming regions for the next three months and three quarters. With concise analysis, supply/demand balances and prices, the Argus Monthly Phosphates Outlook is essential for companies producing, trading and buying phosphates and for those companies supplying the industry with its raw materials.

Markets Covered

  • DAP Morocco fob
  • DAP US Gulf fob
  • DAP Saudi Arabia fob
  • MAP Baltic fob
  • MAP Brazil cfr
  • Phosacid India cfr         
  • Phosrock N. Africa fob

Key Features

  • Forward looking analysis for three months and three quarters
  • Forecast DAP/MAP prices by month covering the next 12-months ahead
  • Regional and key market summary, including Bull and Bear factors
  • Destination market analysis, including forecast cfr India and fob N. Africa
  • Analysis of production costs, focusing on India, China and N. America, and the impact on forward prices
  • Summary of new capacity coming on-stream one year forward and new project updates

Data & Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format.


The report serves those in need of a forward view of the international phosphates market. Subscribers include traders, producers, strategists and analysts and suppliers of raw materials. Other customers provide services, such as freight. The report also serves financial institutions and investment houses, as well as government and non-government organisations.

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This strategy report examines major industry changes and their impact on the future shape of the sector:

  • The role of China
  • OCP's influence
  • Production decline in North America and Europe
  • Changes in the mix of phosphate products
  • Demand growth for processed phosphates
  • Micronutrients in phosphate products