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Argus Monthly Urea Outlook

Formerly Argus FMB Monthly Urea Outlook

The Argus Monthly Urea Outlook provides forward prices for the next three months and three quarters. Updated every month, this report forecasts trade balances in the major urea exporting and consuming regions. 

Urea price forecasts covered

  • Black Sea (prilled)
  • Mideast Gulf
  • China (prilled)
  • Egypt
  • US Gulf st

Key Features 

  • Forward looking analysis and price forecasts for the next three months and three quarters
  • Regional and key market summary, including bull and bear factors
  • Regional production costs, supply analysis and the impact on forward prices
  • Assessment of major new capacity
  • Trade balance tables for the next three months and three quarters

Data & Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format.


This report serves those in need of a forward picture of the international urea market. Subscribers include all those involved in the production, trade, shipment and consumption of urea and related nitrogen products.

Argus forecasts can also serve financial institutions and investment houses, as well as government and non-government organisations.

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