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Long-term forecast data and analysis from Argus Analytics

Through the acquisition of Fertilizer and Chemical Consultancy (FCC), Argus Consulting Services has over 30 years of experience in fertilizers and chemicals, providing effective consultancy services for producers, buyers, investors, banks, governments and multilateral agencies.

In addition to tailored research, you could also benefit from access to Argus Analytics, a new service that offers you comprehensive historical and forecast fertilizer data alongside detailed market analysis - putting you firmly in control of your fertilizer information flow.

Take advantage of pricing, capacity, trade and supply/demand balances from 2005-2031, together with in-depth analytical reports that give you an expert examination of the global markets behind the numbers.

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Argus is pleased to offer a new online tool, the Argus Cost and Margin Service. 

Cost curves screen

It provides clients with a unique and flexible means to assess current and future competitiveness of major international producers in the ammonia and urea markets. 

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