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Argus Strategy Report: Water Soluble Fertilizers

With the world’s population expected to be approaching 10 billion by 2050, the great challenge facing humankind is to increase agricultural productivity to meet the food and nutrition demands of the future, but this will have to be grown on scarcely more farmland than is available today. 

Applying more fertilizer is only part of the challenge, because the necessary increases in crop yield will have to be achieved sustainably, maximizing the efficiency of nutrient and water use and minimizing any adverse impact on the environment and climate. Water soluble fertilizers (WSF) present a perfect solution to these challenges.

Argus’ new strategy report on water soluble fertilizers is an essential guide to anyone wishing to access this highly profitable, fast-growing sector, which many consider to be the inevitable direction of the fertilizer industry.

Key features

The Argus Strategy Report: Water Soluble Fertilizers is a significant addition to our suite of speciality fertilizer reporting services.

It provides you with an in-depth understanding of the WSF sector, an area of major interest throughout the industry. Benefit from key data on products and producers, as well as capacities and prices, with thorough analysis of the market and the drivers behind its dramatic growth potential, including:

  • The emerging importance of WSF
  • The components that make up WSF
  • Types of crops using WSF
  • Production and supply, including supply/demand forecasts
  • Main formulas (grades)
  • Key producers, with global and regional capacities
  • Global and regional demand and distribution
The Argus Strategy Report: Water Soluble Fertilizers helps you:

  1. Understand the drivers of demand and future growth
  2. Gain insight into global and regional demand
  3. Survey the main producers and their capacities by region
  4. Harness the growth potential of this premium sector
  5. Assess your company’s route into the WSF market


This report is aimed at industry professionals wishing to access the high margin potential of the water soluble fertilizers sector.

  • Commodity fertilizer producers (business development, analysts, senior management)Commodity fertilizer producers and consumers (business development, analysts, senior management)
  • Major mining companies
  • Service providers (traders, freight providers and technology providers)
  • Financial institutions, hedge funds, sector analysts

 Download more information on the Argus Briefing Report: Water Soluble Fertilizers, including a table of contents

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