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Argus World Phosphate Rock Outlook to 2030

An Argus Strategy Report

The phosphate industry is undergoing major changes. While there have been fundamental and continuing shifts in the characteristics of the rock traded, the average quality of phosphate rock produced continues to fall gradually.

This latest strategy report examines the causes and effects of these changes in relation to the phosphate rock market and assesses the key issues that will impact rock supply, demand, trade and pricing for the coming years. A review of existing and future phosphate rock supply to 2030 on a country-by-country basis is provided, including new projects, along with an assessment of phosphate rock quality in the evolving trade and the consequent impact on pricing for the key fob Morocco and cfr India benchmarks.

Key features:

  • Overview of existing phosphate rock resources and reserves
  • Overview of existing projects under construction and their impact on the supply outlook
  • The market drivers for phosphate demand
  • Analysis of the phosphate rock merchant market, including trends in trade flows and rock quality
  • Phosphate rock price outlook to 2030 for major price benchmarks

This report is aimed at those making long term planning decisions related to the phosphate rock sector and will allow enable them to:

  • Have confidence in knowing which projects will result in a new source of supply or demand
  • Develop an import/export strategy by understanding the key features of international trade
  • Assess the profitability of future investments through the 15 years price forecast provided for the main benchmarks

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