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Argus World Sulphuric Acid Outlook to 2030

An Argus Strategy Report

Sulphuric acid supply is expected to increase as a result of planned growth in phosphate fertilizer production capacity and tightening environmental regulations, which will force smelters to capture more of their sulphur dioxide. These supply increases will be absorbed by the fertilizer sector, the Chinese drive towards caprolactam self-sufficiency and declining qualities of copper oxide ore that require increasing proportions of acid. 

This latest strategy report provides a review of existing and future sulphuric acid supply in the period to 2030 on a country-by-country basis, including new projects, along with an assessment of evolving trade patterns and the consequent impact on pricing for the key fob (Japan/South Korea, northwest Europe) and cfr (Chile, Brazil, US) benchmarks.

The Argus World Sulphuric Acid Outlook to 2030 is accompanied by a data set available for download through the Argus Direct platform in addition to a PDF version of the report.

Some key topics addressed are:

  • Production from sulphur for internal consumption — Sulphur-based production of acid for internal consumption is forecast to increase to meet growing demand from the fertilizer and industrial sectors. Understanding of new projects that will result in increased demand for sulphur as a raw material is imperative for those who produce acid for captive consumption or supply sulphur.
  • Production as a by-product through base metals smelting — Production of sulphuric acid through base metals smelting is forecast to increase and it is this source of supply that drives global trade and prices
  • Changes in consumption – Understanding new sources of demand and the subsequent impact on trade flows and prices is imperative for consumers as well as suppliers
  • Discussion of unquantifiable impacts on production — Such as tighter emissions standards, which could result in increased production, provide insight into emerging trends

Key benefits:

  • Have confidence in knowing which projects will result in a new source of supply or demand
  • Develop your import/export strategy by understanding the impact on trade flows
  • Mitigate risk by responding to prices affected by changes in supply or demand

The report presents essential insight, analysis and guidance for consumers of sulphuric acid produced internally or sourced from the traded market, producers of sulphuric acid as a by-product through base metal smelters and for those who provide service to the industry such as traders, railroad operators, freight providers and engineering companies.

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