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Argus Russian LPG and Condensate

An Argus market service, published weekly in Russian

Argus Russian LPG and Condensate features contract and border prices for LPG in the FSU and eastern Europe.

The report also includes intelligent analytical commentary on the international and domestic Russian market, news stories and statistical data on LPG production and exports.

Markets Covered

  • Daily spot price assessments for propane and propane-butane mix daf Brest and fob Black Sea ports
  • Weekly daf Ukrainian-Romanian border propane-butane mix and daily spot price assessments daf Ukraine propane-butane mix
  • Weekly propane-butane mix and prices fca/fot Russian plants (GPP)
  • Daily international propane and butane quotations
  • Sonatrach and Saudi Aramco official prices

Key Features

  • Independent price assessments based on reliable information and unique methodology
  • Market moving news and deep analysis  
  • Historical price charts and data from 2005
  • Market-appropriate methodology

The Argus Russian LPG and Condensate report contains precise, reliable and market representative data. The detailed and transparent methodology and professional approach makes the service an unparalleled source of information.


Argus Russian LPG and Condensate is intended for traders, importers and exporters, economists and finance specialists, gas and oil analysts, consultants, as well as shipping and transportation companies, fuel stations, and other market players who need up-to-date and detailed market information.

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