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Argus and Metal-Pages

Argus is a well-established leading price reporting, business intelligence and news analysis agency, with a history in the energy markets. Founded in 1970, Argus has 19 offices around the world and more than 600 employees. In recent years, Argus has expanded beyond energy into fertilizers, petrochemicals and metals

In 2014, Argus bought Metal-Pages, the speciality metals, rare earths and ferro alloys reporting service. The acquisition complements Argus’ own metals business which focusses on steel feedstocks and coking coal

The two companies have many synergies, including an international presence and a concentration of staff in regions of significant interest to the energy and commodities industries. For example Metal-Pages has a major presence in Asia and publishes in Chinese and Argus has the second largest foreign reporting organisation in Russia and has many Russian language publications. Both companies run conferences and other events and both have consultancy expertise in the markets they cover.

The Metal-Pages staff will remain with Argus and significant investment will be made to expand the range of metal services available, improve delivery methods and provide an enhanced customer experience.


Metal Services

Argus and Metal-Pages produce a range of services for the metals industries covering minor metals, rare earths, ferro-alloys, base metals, precious metals and iron ore.

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Precious Metal

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