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Argus New York Harbor Rbob barge gasoline

The New York Harbor Rbob barge market is one of the most actively traded in North America, in part because of the federally-mandated ethanol blending program.

Argus’ clean products methodology has been widely accepted by the industry as being the most representative. Argus New York Harbor Rbob prices are used in long-term contracts, downstream pricing, transfer pricing, spot sales and import and export cargoes.

Argus New York Harbor Rbob assessments are calculated using a market-appropriate methodology based on every spot trade available over the entire trading day. Prices are represented as the low and high of deals transacted.

Argus New York Harbor Rbob barge prices are assessed as differentials to the CME Nymex settlement price. Argus’ cash prices use the CME Nymex Rbob settlement values as the cash basis. The prices are published daily in the Argus US Products market report and data feed.

For full Argus New York Harbor Rbob assessments specifications, download the Argus US Products methodology.

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