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Argus RIN prices

Argus has been publishing renewable identification number (RIN) prices in the US for five years and has emerged as the industry’s most respected publisher of global biofuels market data. Argus RIN prices are used as the benchmark for a series of new derivatives markets listed on CME Nymex.

Argus RIN prices are trusted because they reflect market prices across the entire trading day as a low and high of deals done. An entire day price is a reliable indicator of physical market values as it incorporates the broadest possible pool of spot market liquidity and has acceptance from industry. Argus publishes a RIN deals done table in its Argus US Ethanol and Argus US Products reports in order to support price transparency.

Argus publishes daily RIN prices for ethanol (Renewable Fuel D6 category), advanced biofuel (Advanced Biofuel D5 category), biodiesel (Biomass-based Diesel D4 category) and cellulosic (Cellulosic Biofuel D3 category).

For full Argus RINs assessments specifications, download the Argus US Products methodology.

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