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Argus SO2

Argus publishes daily current-vintage SO2 assessments and weekly and monthly indexes that are the industry-accepted benchmarks in these markets. Argus SO2 assessments are used in supply agreements to adjust for the cost of sulphur content in fuel, and are the industry standard for US coal contracts. They are also used in financial contract settlements.

Each allowance represents half of a short ton of SO2 emitted for generators in 28 eastern states coved by the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) and a full short ton of SO2 for generators operating in states not covered by CAIR. Argus also produces a daily assessment and monthly index for pre-CAIR SO2 allowances, which are Acid Rain Program allowances issued in 2009 or earlier and are worth a full ton of SO2 emitted regardless of where a generator is operating.

For full details of specifications and information on Argus SO2, please review the Argus Air Daily methodology.

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