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Argus ESPO Blend (Crude)

The ESPO (East Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline) Blend price represents a Russian crude oil blend sold eastwards into the east Asian and US west coast markets. The ESPO Blend assessment reflects market prices for crude sold by Russian producers to Asia-Pacific refiners and international traders basis fob Kozmino.

Argus quotes are used to establish long term contract prices for delivery of 300,000 b/d of Rosneft crude to CNPC by the pipeline spur linking the ESPO system with refineries in northeast China. The ESPO Blend price is published daily in the Argus Crude report.

The Argus ESPO Blend assessment is calculated using a market-appropriate methodology which includes cross checking market information with producers, consumers and traders.

For full details of specifications and information on how Argus calculates ESPO Blend prices, download the Argus Crude market-appropriate methodology

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