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Argus FAME 0 (Biodiesel)

The Argus FAME 0 (fatty acid methyl ester 0°C) assessment is a key benchmark for European biodiesel markets.  The assessment is used to price swaps and physical deals and by exchanges for clearing and settlement.

The primary basis for the FAME 0 assessment is fob Rotterdam. Argus also produces a FAME 0 price for the Mediterranean which is calculated by adding the Argus Rotterdam-Mediterranean freight costs to the fob Rotterdam level. The FAME 0 prices are published daily in the Argus Biofuels report.

The Argus FAME 0 assessment benefits from market-appropriate methodology and is not constrained to a narrow window of trades. This approach delivers transparency and reliability and creates a price series that is the benchmark assessment for FAME 0 in northwest Europe.

For more information including specifications and details of how Argus assesses prices, download the Argus Biofuels methodology.

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