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Indonesian Coal Index / ICI (Coal)

The ICI (Indonesian Coal Index) reflects the spot price of five key grades of Indonesian coal — 6,500 (ICI 1), 5,800 (ICI 2), 5,000 (ICI 3), 4,200 (ICI 4) and 3,400 (ICI 5) kcal/kg GAR. 

It is published weekly and is the average of the Argus fob Indonesia price as reported in the Argus Coal Daily International report and the PT Coalindo Energy weekly panel system. The full database of time series data is available from 2006.


Buyers, sellers and financial institutions use the ICI price as an effective tool for royalty price calculations, price analysis, production planning, corporate finance, international contracts, the Indonesian Coal Price Reference and Domestic Market Obligation quotas. Referencing and valuing Indonesian coal becomes representative, direct and practical.

Key Features

  • Weekly average Indonesian coal spot prices
  • Monthly ICI averages
  • Graphs illustrating competitive trends versus Argus fob Richards Bay and fob Newcastle

Download the Argus Coal Daily International methodology