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Pemex: Salina Cruz producing intermediates

9 Aug 2017, 6.32 pm GMT

Pemex: Salina Cruz producing intermediates

Mexico City, 9 August (Argus) — Salina Cruz, Mexico's largest refinery, is currently processing 110,000 b/d of crude to make intermediate refined products, but is not yet producing gasoline, state-run oil company Pemex tells Argus.

"We are now generating steam and power, and operating the first train in its entirety," a spokesperson said today.

Pemex said 90pc of the 28 plants at the 330,000 b/d refinery on the Pacific coast are operating. The intermediate products are going to storage tanks for now.

Yesterday fuel retailers near the refinery in the state of Oaxaca said Pemex was still importing all gasoline and diesel to the area from its Minatitlan refinery, some 300km (186mi) away on the Gulf of Mexico. Minatitlan normally supplies about 80pc of retail fuels in the state and Salina Cruz about 20pc. The roads between Minatitlan and major cities in Oaxaca are better than those connecting with Salina Cruz.

Salina Cruz was shut on 14 June following a fire that destroyed the pump station. Pemex says it has taken advantage of the shutdown to carry out heavy maintenance work initially scheduled for October. Pemex told Argus it has completed additional repairs, such as checking and fixing valves and changing some 4km of alloy piping.

Pemex said yesterday that the restart began in full on 30 July.


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