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Mexican Gulf coast ports remain closed from storm

10 Aug 2017, 2.18 pm GMT

Mexican Gulf coast ports remain closed from storm

Mexico City, 10 August (Argus) — Mexico's major Gulf coast ports remain closed today as tropical storm Franklin became a category 1 hurricane overnight.

The Tampico, Altamira, Veracruz, Tuxpan and Alvarado ports closed yesterday evening, while the Dos Bocas and Frontera ports remain closed since the evening of 8 August.

The Puerto Morelos commercial port reopened yesterday but the Isla del Carmen passenger terminal and the Cayo Arcas oil terminal remain closed since 8am ET on 7 August, according to information from Mexico's navy meteorological service.

Pemex told Argus it does not anticipate any impact on refined products supply because of existing inventory levels and upcoming deliveries. Crude exports were unaffected as of yesterday.

The category 1 hurricane made landfall for the second time in two days at 1am ET in Lechugillas, Veracruz state, with maximum sustained winds of 87mph (140km/h). The hurricane dissipated in the early hours of the morning and was located 95km northeast of Central Mexico at 8am ET, with maximum sustained winds of 65km/h, according to Mexico's national weather service.

The storm continues to cause torrential rains and sea swells of up to 5m in Veracruz state and along the Atlantic coast.

All of the Gulf coast ports handle significant oil industry business, including a maritime terminal at Tuxpan and a storage and distribution terminal at Veracruz. Dos Bocas recently topped Cayo Arcas as the busiest crude oil export terminal in Mexico, exporting 12.7mn t of crude and refined products in the first six months of the year, according to the latest government data.

This is the first Atlantic-coast hurricane of this year's season.


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