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Previous Presentations - 2011

20 December 2011
US Biodiesel: Managing Growth and Price Risk

15 December 2011
Canadian Crude: The Power of Independent Pricing

1 December 2011
California’s Cap-and-Trade Program

22 November 2011
Canadian NGLs: An Evolving Market

17 November 2011
New Tools for Atlantic Basin Coal Supply

15 November 2011
CSAPR Allowance Trading

10 November 2011
Turkish Electricity - Emergence of a Traded Market 

20 October 2011
La Evolución del LLS a Crudo de Referencia

19 October 2011
Changes in California and the US west coast gas markets

11 October 2011
LLS Crude: The emergence of a secondary benchmark

6 October 2011
RFS2 and RINS requirements: Implications for affected parties

5 October 2011
Argus Base Oils: The benefits of market pricing

30 September
Into the fall peak: A US railroad update

19 August 2011
Biomass Q & A (you will need to register your details to view this)

17 August 2011
Argus Webinar: Hurricanes and Natural Gas

25 July 2011
Argus US Coal Export and Indexation Trends

21 July 2011

CFR South China Coal - Independent assessments for the growing Chinese coal market. Find out more

14 July 2011
The Final Clean Air Transport Rule: Do SO2 and NOx have a future?  

29 June 2011
Japan: What next for the global LNG market this summer and the European generation mix in the medium-term?

29 June 2011
Market challenges facing California’s RPS  - What issues will Western utilities and energy developers confront in implementing California’s recent renewable portfolio standard? 

11 May 2011 
Railing crude: Virtual pipelines 

26 April 2011 
Base oil markets: Managing price risk

6 April 2011
Mideast Gulf products supply and demand

5 April 2011
LNG in Latin America: How far can it go?

5 April 2011
GNL en Latinoamérica: ¿Cuán lejos llegará?

29 March 2011
Diversifying Asian Coal Markets

17 March 2011
Argus Canadian NGL Prices webinar: Index where you trade

1 February 2011
After the deluge: Spring power prices in the US West Coast

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