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On-Demand Webinars from 2015

On-demand webinars and podcasts

18 December 2015
International N, P and K Price Trends – Analyst View

18 December 2015
The Global Demand Outlook for Rare Earths – where are the new markets?

17 December 2015
Butadiene Outlook for 2016: A glut of capacity means a shortage of good news

16 December 2015
Outlook for the Availability and Pricing of LPG and Naphtha 

15 December 2015
Steel Market Outlook

15 December 2015
Ethylene and Propylene Outlook for 2016

14 December 2015
Principal supply/demand influences for minor metals

9 December 2015
Seaborne Coal Outlook 2016

9 December 2015
Toluene and Xylenes Outlook for 2016: Will octane shortages in the US refining system continue affecting petrochemical production margins?

2 December 2015
Benzene Outlook for 2016: Return of Price Volatility?

2 December 2015
The State of the Opec Nations

24 November 2015
India - The Next Big Oil & Gas Market

24 November 2015
NPK Developing Market Trends

19 November 2015

Debottlenecking Texas: how infrastructure has changed crude markets

18 November 2015
Global MTBE markets: A look ahead at 2016

12 November 2015
The Road to Paris: What the UN climate talks mean for carbon markets

10 November 2015
Metallurgical Coal Outlook Webinar

3 November 2015
Argus Crude Webinar: Why the US matters

24 September 2015
What stricter marine fuel regulations mean for LNG bunkering markets

17 September 2015
U.S. Styrene Indices: Better market references in volatile times

16 September 2015
Understanding LLS crude: the rise of a financial and physical benchmark

02 September 2015
US octane shortage leads to volatile prices

24 August 2015
European naphtha: Seasonal patterns under threat?

24 August 2015
European RSO: Prices under pressure

13 August 2015
US condensate: Entering “Year 2” of the Export Era

13 August
Domestic GHG policy mechanisms in the EU – do they undermine the ETS?

12 August 2015

6 August 2015
Fuels under the cap: After the plunge

5 August 2015
Argus NGL Outlook: Managing a propane demand equilibrium

28 July 2015
Crude market trends: Return of Iran

23 July 2015
Basrah Heavy: Iraq’s Challenges and Opportunities

2 July 2015
FSU phosphate export strategies and the importance of the local/regional market

1 July 2015
Colonial line space: a new market evolves

25 June 2015
North American LNG: the Race to FID

18 June 2015
Marcellus to Market 2015: production, pipelines and regional economic growth

12 June 2015
Implications of an extended Chinese low export tax window

12 June 2015
Egyptian methanol supply

4 June 2015

Outlook for the Global Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid Markets

28 May 2015

Seaborne coal outlook

26 May 2015
LNG market trends: Sun rises on Europe

21 May 2015
International LPG supply and demand trends

20 May 2015

11 May 2015
European products — Unusual strength in gasoline markets

29 April 2015
Argus West Africa Oil - new crude and products assessments for the region

22 April 2015
Fertilizer freight and the outlook for dry bulk shipments

22 April 2015
Introduction to the South East European electricity markets (Available in Turkish only)
Güneydoğu Avrupa Elektrik Piyasalarına Giriş

22 April 2015
How does the evolution of the rare earths global supply chain impact high performance magnet producers?

20 April 2015
The crash in crude  prices and the impact on bitumen

15 April 2015

How sustainable is the price recovery in the US base oils market?

9 April 2015
EPA’s MATS rule: Industries’ outlook on the eve of compliance

8 April 2015
US exports to Mexico and the growth of cross-border demand

30 March 2015

Change and transformation in the global markets – The impact of Group II base oils

19 March 2015
Low-sulphur regulations impact on marine fuel industry

18 March 2015
WTI Houston: An assessment for the new crude reality

13 March 2015
The tungsten and ferro-tungsten market (webinar series)

3 March 2015
Iron ore – Chinese steel sector outlook and market impact

26 February 2015

Mercado Internacional de Biodiesel: obstáculos e oportunidades para produtores brasileiros (Apresentado em Português)

24 February 2015
Low crude prices and North American sulphur

11 February 2015
How will China's 2015 rare earths export policies impact the international market?

11 February 2015
Risks and opportunities in the west coast fuels market

6 February 2015
Uncertainty in Mediterranean crude supply: Sweets, sours, and recent events in Libya and Iraq

28 January 2015
UN process and Q&A with IETA on EU ETS reform

22 January 2015
The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule revival: What the program means for markets and utilities 

9 January 2015
Rising base oil supplies – Pricing apples and oranges

8 January 2015
Argus NGL outlook: weak fundamentals and falling crude

6 January 2015

Fuel oil market – Shifting dynamics in marine fuels