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Argus US Products

An Argus market service, published daily 

This daily refined products service provides assessments that reflect real trading behaviour. Argus US Products prices represent transactions throughout the entire trading day, shown as low and high, and as volume-weighted averages of deals done.

Argus applies the differential prices we collect to the settlement price as published by the exchange. This represents the deepest, broadest and most easily hedged fixed-price value available.

Markets Covered

  • Gasoline
  • Jet
  • Naphtha
  • Diesel
  • Fuel oil
  • VGO
  • Renewables with RINS and LCFS
  • Bunkers
  • Gasoline blendstocks

Argus Key Prices

US Atlantic coast (USAC) clean
  • NYH Rbob barge
  • NYH Cbob barge
  • NYH Cbob cargo
  • NYH 87M
  • NYH ULSD barge
  • NYH ULSD Buckeye
  • NYH heating oil barge
  • NYH jet fuel Buckeye
  • NYH Cbob offline
  • NYH Rbob offline
US Gulf coast (USGC) clean
  • Colonial Cbob
  • Colonial 87M
  • Colonial 83.7 Rbob F
  • Colonial ULSD
  • Colonial jet fuel
  • Colonial 93 Conventional
US mid continent (USMC) clean
  • Chicago BCX Cbob
  • Chicago BCX ULSD
  • Chicago Rbob
  • Chicago 87
  • Chicago Cbob
  • Group Three 84V
  • Chicago ULSD
  • Group Three ULSD
USGC heavy
  • 0.5% VGO
  • 1.0% VGO
  • 2.0% VGO
  • 40 N+A naphtha
  • Parallinic naptha

Key Features

  • Market and price analysis
  • Market-moving news
  • Historical data
  • End of day report
  • Market-appropriate methodology

The Argus US Products service provides key petroleum products prices, and offers users a way to index their physical and swaps contracts. Argus has a strict compliance programme and adheres to best practices in price reporting.


Anyone with exposure to US refined products prices will find the Argus US Products service essential. Argus subscribers include traders, marketers, risk managers, planners, analysts, finance officers, senior executives, governments, regulators, exchanges, tax authorities, banks, airlines, national oil companies, refiners and midstream firms.

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