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Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Annual 2016

This report presents a global and regional view of the hydrocarbon resin business for 2015 and what we can expect for 2016. It covers feedstock supplier capability, competitive and co-product materials outlook.

The Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Annual 2016 explains the key drivers behind greatly-increased feed supply availability, the regional economic factors influence supply/demand and the importance of raw materials supplied from Asia-Pacific.


Production and hydrocarbon resin in 2015 was 1.15mn t. It is projected to be 1.19mn t in 2016, a 3.5pc increase. Using a 2015 year-end weighted average price for all three resin types, this translates to an overall business value of about $2.5bn in 2015 and $2.6bn in 2016. When natural resins like rosin and terpene resins are added, the value is in excess of $6bn. Considering that alternative disposition for hydrocarbon resin feedstocks is gasoline, this represents a 2 to 3 time upgrade in value and explains why this business remains attractive to the petrochemical manufacturers and why this industry continues to hold its value.

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