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Argus MTBE Annual 2016

This market report has been prepared to equip the reader with a comprehensive overview of the MTBE, to assist with market research and forward planning. It’s main objectives are to present the global supply and demand forecast by country, to provide access to our petrochemical database on world MTBE and capacities, and finally, to create a starting point for alternative scenarios that can be studied as variations to the annual’s conclusions. 


Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether demand has increased in the past few years, driven by cleaner fuel requirements in China and increased gasoline consumption in Asia, Americas, and the Middle East. Several countries in these regions are short of transportation fuels like gasoline and diesel and rely heavily on imports from other countries. MTBE demand is expected to increase steadily in the years to come but global operating rates will weaken as China overbuilds MTBE capacity.

ETBE demand is also on the rise mainly due to biofuel mandates in Japan. Japan currently consumes 44pc of global ETBE capacity and is expected to rise in the next five years as biofuel mandates require more ETBE. The rest of ETBE consumption is concentrated in Europe but with weaker gasoline demand forecasts in the next five years, the need for ETBE will fall setting a stage for exports to Japan.

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Data & Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format, available only in Argus Direct.

  • World MTBE Balances for 2014 and 2015 including Western Europe, MEA, CEE FSU, Asia and the Americas
  • World ETBE Balances for 2015 including Western Europe, CEE FSU, Northeast Asia and the Americas
  • World MTBE Trade for 2015 including Western Europe, MEA, CEE and FSU, Southeast and Northeast Asia and the Americas
  • MTBE Annual Capacities for 2014 and 2015
  • ETBE Annual Capacities for 2015
  • MTBE 12 Month Price Outlook - January 2015

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