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Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Services

Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Services offer in-depth analysis for hydrocarbon resin, rubbers and polymers that primarily relate to adhesive markets. Argus Analyst Access provides customers with tailored and on-going support to our experienced analysts.

Our services include:

Argus C5 and Hydrocarbon Resins – timely market updates proving comprehensive analysis of events and trends, including coverage of regional supply/demand fundamentals

Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Annual – a detailed overview of worldwide tackifier resin supply/demand and capacities, proving insight into global hydrocarbon resin supply/demand

Markets Covered

  • Isoprene
  • Butadiene
  • Piperylene
  • Dicyclopentadiene
  • Aromatic resin oil
  • Hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated tackifier resins
  • SIS/SBS thermoplastic elastomers
  • Natural and synthetic rubbers
  • Polyethylene and polypropylene polymers
  • Acrylate's for adhesive applications

Regions Covered

  • Americas
  • Western Europe
  • Asia/Pacific

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