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Argus MTBE and High-Octane Components (Russian) - Argus МТБЭ и высокооктановые компоненты

An Argus market service published weekly in Russian

Argus Russian MTBE is a specialised publication that provides weekly coverage of the markets for MTBE and other high-octane components of motor gasoline in Russia, the FSU and worldwide. Argus assesses prices for the products using our own transparent methodology based on market information.


  • MTBE price assessments in Russia 
  • Analysis of the Russian domestic market 
  • Prices, news and analysis of FSU markets, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus  
  • MTBE price assessments in western Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific  
  • Russian motor gasoline price assessments 
  • Global crude price assessments 
  • Statistical market data for Russia and selected FSU countries 
  • Industry news and analysis
  • Data on the production of gasoline and high-octane components in Russia  
  • Outlook for MTBE prices for Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific 2017
  • Argus FSU Fertilizer 2017. Production, trading and logistics in the CIS

The report features regular commentary on all significant industry events, production and export/import data, statistics on MTBE and N-Methylaniline shipments, maintenance schedules and upgrades at oil refineries and MTBE production facilities, as well as interviews with market participants.

MTBE price assessments

fca Volzhsky station (Ektos-Volga, Volgograd region)
fca Kosyakovka station (Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant, Republic of Bashkortostan)
fca Kombinatskaya station (Omsky Kauchuk, Omsk)
fca Tobolsk station (Sibur Holding, Tobolsk)
fob Rotterdam (Netherlands)
fob US Gulf coast (US)
fob Singapore

The publication aims to cover all aspects of the market, including product prices, supply and demand dynamics, international trade, production, capacity upgrades and development forecasts.

Our advantages

  • The report contains price assessments for all key high-octane components   
  • Global market coverage — Russia, the FSU, Europe, the US, Asia-Pacific 
  • Global MTBE prices 
  • Russian motor gasoline prices
  • Regularly updated statistical data 
  • Exclusive news and commentaries 

Target audience

The publication is intended for producers of high-octane components and motor gasoline, blenders, traders, importers and exporters, regulators, consulting firms, transportation and logistics companies and other industry participants who need up-to-date pricing information and detailed analysis of the market for motor fuel components.

 Learn more about the Argus MTBE and High-Octane Components (Russian) methodology
 Learn more about the Argus MTBE and High-Octane Components (Russian) methodology (in Russian)
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