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Argus Toluene/Xylene and Derivatives Services

Through in-depth knowledge of market fundamentals, Argus provides global insight, tying all of the world’s regions together in order to provide cost models and forecasts. In addition to daily market updates, Argus analyses the interaction of associated markets like PX, PTA, and PET. Argus DeWitt Analyst Access provides customers with tailored and on-going support to our experienced analysts

Our services include:

Argus Toluene and Xylenes Daily  – daily global market updates featuring deals and market levels for toluene, paraxylene and mixed xylenes

Argus Toluene and Xylenes Outlook – a monthly report featuring a 24 month rolling price forecast for aromatics and related feedstock markets providing global market commentaries

Argus Toluene, Xylenes and Isomers / PET  – delivering valuable understanding of the current industry and associated markets

Argus Toluene and Xylenes Annual – a detailed and global analysis of the current market and designed to aid strategic business planning

Markets Covered

  • Toluene/xylene
  • Paraxylene
  • Orthoxylene
  • PET resin
  • PET fiber
  • PTA

Regions Covered

  • US
  • South America
  • Europe/Middle East
  • Asia/Pacific

Quick Links

 Download a sample copy of Argus Toluene and Xylenes Daily

 Download a sample copy of Argus Toluene, Xylenes and Isomers/PET

 Learn more about the Argus Toluene and Xylenes Daily methodology

 Learn more about the Argus Toluene, Xylenes and Isomers/PET methodology

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