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World Study of Benzene from Coal 2015

In the last few years, there has been a dramatic change in the benzene industry. The US and European markets have both seen a fall in benzene feedstock availability; the former due to the exploitation of shale gas and the latter due to rationalisation of cracking and refining capacity. But it is the eastern markets that are emerging as the most interesting and dynamic for benzene production, and most notably, benzene produced from coal. In China alone, production of benzene from coke oven light oil has risen steadily in ten years from less than 200,000 tonnes to more than 2m tonnes. The major reason for this is the rapid expansion in Chinese steel manufacturing. Chinese capacity exceeded 6m tonnes of coal based benzene in 2014, and based on current plans, it will approach 9m tonnes in 2018.

The impact of coal based production in China is significant on benzene balances in Asia and also on global pricing. Global benzene output totalled near 42m tonnes in 2014, and the rate at which China produces coal based benzene will have an impact on the price that benzene is able to command. This study details the importance of benzene sourced through coal, explains the technology behind the production and compares benzene production costs from different routes. 

Key features:

  • Overview of the historic development, technical background and significance of coal based benzene in global and regional markets
  • Review of technical developments within the steel industry, growth patterns in steel and coke production and benzene feedstock availability
  • Analysis of production and development by region out to 2018
  • In-depth analysis of China, including a full list of existing and planned capacities, historical and forecast production figures and a map showing the concentration of production
  • Production economics and pricing

Key price assessments and insightful market commentary on benzene markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. 

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